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10 Best Neck Massagers For Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a common issue, affecting 20 to 50 percent of adults annually and 80 percent at some point in their lives. To address this, neck massagers have become increasingly popular. These devices use massage techniques, heat, and vibration to relieve neck, shoulder, back, and migraine pain.

Traditional massage and physical therapy target trigger points in the muscles that restrict blood flow, leading to pain. Neck massagers provide a convenient and budget-friendly alternative to professional therapy.

At Consumer Tested Reports, the lab tested 30 options and selected the 10 best neck massagers on the market, ensuring they offer heat, vibration, and trigger point relief.

10 Best Neck Massagers

  1. RESTECK Shiatsu Massager Kit

The RESTECK Shiatsu Massager Kit is a portable device designed to relieve muscle pain and promote better blood circulation. It uses customizable settings and bidirectional kneading nodes to target specific areas, providing relief.


  • Versatile and suitable for various body parts.
  • Customizable settings for individual needs.
  • Portable design with a convenient leather pouch.
  • Effective at addressing acute pains and muscle soreness.


  • Corded, limiting mobility in some situations.
  • Kneading nodes may feel too intense for some users, requiring adjustments for comfort.
  1. Mirakel Shiatsu Back Massager

The Mirakel Shiatsu Back Massager is a versatile neck and back massager. It operates with eight rotating massage heads that can knead in two directions. It’s designed for neck, back, waist, limbs, and shoulder massages. It also includes a built-in heating function and adjustable straps for customization.


  • Versatile with multiple massage areas.
  • Soothing heating function.
  • Adjustable straps for comfort.
  • Three custom speed modes.


  • Some users may find arm straps uncomfortable.
  • Heating may not be warm enough for all.
  • The massager is relatively heavy.
  1. Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is a powerful neck massager with eight deep-shiatsu kneading massage nodes. It relieves muscle soreness and neck stiffness by providing a robust massage experience. It also has an infrared heat function for relaxation and improved blood circulation. The massager includes safety features like a 15-minute auto-shutoff and offers customization with three speed levels and adjustable straps.


  • Powerful and effective for muscle soreness and neck stiffness.
  • Infrared heat function enhances relaxation and circulation.
  • Safety features like auto-shutoff for peace of mind.
  • Customizable with three speed levels and adjustable straps.


  • Somewhat bulky, which may make storage challenging.
  • Reversed zipper design may take some getting used to.
  1. Boriwat Back Massager

The Boriwat Back Massager is a neck and back massager measuring 15*13 inches. It provides a comfortable massage experience that conforms to your body’s curves. It features dual heating zones with two heat levels, allowing you to target sore areas. The massager offers three adjustable intensity levels for users of different ages and fatigue levels.


  • Generous dimensions for a comfortable massage.
  • Dual heating zones with two heat levels for targeted relief.
  • Adjustable intensity levels cater to various users.


  • Size may not be large enough for some users.
  • Heat intensity could be improved.
  • It’s relatively heavy, which may not suit everyone.
  1. VIKTOR JURGEN Back Massager

The VIKTOR JURGEN Back Massager is a device designed to relieve sore muscles and tension throughout the body. It features 4 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage nodes that can target various body areas. Users can adjust the massage intensity with customizable speeds, and it mimics real massage motions. There’s also a heat setting for added relaxation.


  • Versatile and targets multiple body areas.
  • Customizable massage intensity.
  • Mimics real massage motions for a thorough experience.
  • Includes a heat setting for added comfort.


  • May not be as effective for very thin individuals.
  • The massage can be quite intense, which may not suit everyone.
  • Some users may find it slightly noisy during use.
  1. Breo N5 Mini Neck Massager

The Breo N5 Mini Neck Massager is a compact and portable device designed for effective neck massages. It uses “4+2” 5D Massage Heads made of soft silicon rubber to cover the neck and shoulders, mimicking professional massage techniques. It also offers two heat compress settings for added comfort and muscle soreness relief. The wearable backpack-style design allows you to use it while on the go, and it’s lightweight at just 2.75 lbs.


  • Comprehensive neck and shoulder massage.
  • Soft silicon rubber massage heads for gentle touch.
  • Ergonomic design mimics professional techniques.
  • Two heat compress settings for added comfort.
  • Wearable and portable for on-the-go use.
  • Lightweight at 2.75 lbs.


  • Massage intensity may be too strong for some.
  • Battery life may be shorter than expected.
  • Cleaning the detachable cloth cover can be time-consuming.
  1. Bear Cordless Shiatsu Neck Massager

The Bear Cordless Shiatsu Neck Massager is a portable solution for neck and shoulder pain relief. It’s designed for on-the-go use with its cordless and wearable design. The massager features a 3D multi-directional massage head, adjustable speed, and heating function for a customized and comfortable massage experience. It’s made of high-quality materials, is easy to recharge, and includes safety features like automatic direction change and auto shut-off.


  • Portable and wearable design for convenience.
  • 3D multi-directional massage head for customization.
  • Built-in heating function for pain relief.
  • High-quality materials and easy to clean.
  • Convenient rechargeable battery.
  • Safety features for worry-free use.


  • May feel heavy on the neck during extended use.
  • Intensity might not be sufficient for those seeking deep tissue massages.
  • Considered expensive by some potential buyers.
  1. BOB AND BRAD Back Massager

The BOB AND BRAD Back Massager is a neck and back massager designed to relieve muscle tension. It uses 3D Shiatsu Deep Massage Technology to mimic the hands of a skilled massage therapist and offers soothing heat therapy for muscle relaxation. It requires a plug-in power source and has an auto power-off feature after 15 minutes of use.


  • Effective muscle tension relief.
  • Mimics skilled massage therapist’s hands.
  • Soothing heat therapy for relaxation.


  • Requires a plug-in power source, limiting portability.
  • Auto power-off after 15 minutes may not suit longer massage sessions.
  • Some users may find it too powerful for tender muscles.
  1. Necker 2.0 Neck Massager

The Necker 2.0 Neck Massager is a cutting-edge device designed to tackle neck and upper back pain. It utilizes a combination of massage, heat therapy, red light therapy, and Ultra TENS technology to provide targeted relief and promote healing. By wrapping around the neck, it delivers gentle massage to soothe sore joints and release muscle tension. The integrated red light therapy targets damaged nerves, while adjustable heat therapy promotes increased blood circulation and triggers the body’s self-healing mechanisms.


  • Targeted relief for neck and upper back pain
  • Promotes natural healing processes
  • Helps improve posture
  • Adjustable settings for personalized comfort
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Positive feedback from satisfied users


  • Higher price point compared to some alternatives
  • Results may vary for individuals
  1. Tranquil Vibrations Neck Massager

The Tranquil Vibrations Neck Massager is a portable device designed to relieve muscle fatigue, neck pain, shoulder strain, and tension. It operates using advanced technology like low-frequency EMS and TENS, delivering gentle electrical pulses and soothing heat directly to targeted areas of the neck and shoulders. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, and users can easily adjust intensity levels and massage modes for a personalized experience.


  • Provides relief for muscle fatigue, neck pain, and shoulder strain.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable intensity levels and massage modes.


  • May not provide sufficient relief for severe or chronic pain.
  • Users with underlying medical conditions should consult a healthcare professional before use.

How to Choose the Best Neck Massager?

Selecting the right neck massager from the multitude of options available can be daunting. Here’s a simple guide from our consumer reports to help you pick the best one for your needs:

  1. Types of Neck Massagers

Start by understanding the different types of neck massagers available:

  • Shiatsu Neck Massagers: Mimic professional masseuse kneading for deep tissue massage and tension relief.
  • Percussion Neck Massagers: Use high-speed pulses to release knots and improve blood circulation.
  • Vibration Neck Massagers: Utilize gentle vibrations to relax muscles and enhance blood flow.
  • Infrared Neck Massagers: Combine heat therapy with massage to alleviate stiffness and enhance circulation.
  • Multifunctional Neck Massagers: Offer various massage types for versatile use.
  1. Adjustable Intensity Levels

Consider your preference for massage intensity. Look for neck massagers with adjustable intensity levels to cater to your comfort and pain relief needs. Some models offer a range of intensity settings from gentle to intense.

  1. Ease of Use

A user-friendly design enhances the experience. Seek neck massagers with simple controls, an intuitive interface, and safety features like automatic shut-off timers. Removable, washable covers make maintenance hassle-free.

  1. Portability and Convenience

For on-the-go use, check the massager’s portability. Compact, lightweight models with rechargeable batteries offer cordless convenience. Ensure it’s easy to maneuver and versatile for use on different body parts.

  1. Price and Warranty

Balance your budget with your requirements. High-end models offer advanced features and durability, while budget-friendly options provide effective pain relief. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty for confidence in durability and effectiveness.

How much does a quality neck massager cost?

A basic neck massager costs $15 to $30. Electric ones with extra features can go from $30 to $100. Massage chairs, for full-body massages, are over $100.

Are neck massagers safe to use?

Yes, neck massagers are safe when used as directed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult a healthcare professional if you have health concerns or conditions.

Can I use a neck massager for other body parts?

Yes, some neck massagers can be used on other body parts like the back, legs, or arms. Check the product specifications for multi-purpose options.

How often should I use a neck massager for pain relief?

It varies based on your needs and the massager type. Generally, start with 15-30 minutes a day, a few times a week. Follow the manufacturer’s advice for best results.

Can I sleep with a neck massager on?

Usually, it’s not advised to sleep with a neck massager, unless it’s designed for overnight use like some massage pillows. Standard neck massagers can pose overheating and safety risks during sleep.

Can I use a neck massager during pregnancy?

Typically, neck massagers are safe for pregnant people after the first trimester. But always check with your OB-GYN, especially if you have health issues or worries.

Is it possible to overuse a neck massager?

Yes, using a neck massager too much can cause discomfort, pain, or irritation. If this happens, use it less often and for shorter periods. If problems persist, consult a healthcare professional.

Do neck massagers come with warranties?

Yes, lots of neck massagers have warranties of different lengths. To be safe, pick one with a warranty to cover any defects or issues. Always read and know the warranty terms from the manufacturer.

Can I use a neck massager if I have a neck injury or medical condition?

If you have a neck injury or medical issue, talk to a healthcare pro before using a neck massager. They’ll advise if it’s safe for your situation.

Do neck massagers provide long-term relief from chronic neck pain?

Neck massagers can give short-term relief for neck pain. But for lasting help with chronic problems, use them along with other treatments like physical therapy, exercise, and lifestyle changes.