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10 Best News Websites to Get Daily News

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It is good to know what is happening in the world. You can find news in many places like the internet, TV, and newspapers. But it is not always easy to know which news is true. This article talks about the top 10 news websites. These websites are good for finding out true news every day.

  1. The Yonkers Ledger

The Yonkers Ledger is ranked as the top news website for daily coverage of local happenings. This independent, non-profit news website focuses entirely on news related to Yonkers, New York. The Yonkers Ledger is owned and run by The Yonkers Ledger Incorporated, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operating in New York state.

Here are some of the reasons why The Yonkers Ledger stands out:

  • From city council meetings to the mayor’s office, The Yonkers Ledger keeps citizens informed on the workings of local leadership.
  • With several school districts in Yonkers, this site reports on issues impacting students, teachers, parents, and school administrators.
  • Openings, expansions, and major projects shape Yonkers’ economy. the website tracks key changes and growth.
  • A comprehensive events calendar helps locals stay connected to happenings like festivals, concerts, and gallery exhibits.
  • When problems arise, The Yonkers Ledger digs deep to uncover truths and hold leaders accountable to the public.
  • With visuals and live reporting, this news website takes readers directly to the scene of local happenings.
  1. Yonkers Times

The Yonkers Times is a long running daily newspaper providing news to residents of Yonkers and nearby towns. It has served Westchester County for over 50 years, earning the support of multiple generations of readers. Here is an overview of its key aspects:

  • The Yonkers Times has an entire section dedicated to coverage of schools, government, businesses, and organizations within Yonkers. Reporters have an in-depth understanding of local issues.
  • From concert announcements to restaurant reviews, it highlights the vibrant cultural scene in town and nearby.
  • In addition to the print paper, the Yonkers Times can be read online through its website and e-edition replica of the print version.
  • Its newsroom has earned recognition from industry organizations for its investigative stories and thoughtful feature writing.
  1. Yonkers Tribune

The Yonkers Tribune maintains a long legacy as a famous local news source available in both print and online. With roots tracing back to the 1800s, it is an established and trusted news source in the area. Some of its noteworthy aspects are given below:

  • The website posts timely updates on developing stories so readers can stay updated.
  • Holding businesses and elected officials accountable is a priority for the newsroom.
  • Reviews and listings help locals choose cultural activities and Yonkers eateries.
  • The popular classifieds section connects readers to jobs, real estate rentals, sales, and more.
  1. Yonkers News Wire

People who want to know the newest news from Yonkers fast use the Yonkers News Wire website and app. Here is what you can expect from this digital news outlet:

  • Top stories are immediately published online as they unfold 24/7.
  • News items get straight to the point in one or two sentences without extra fluff.
  • Up-to-the-minute conditions help locals plan their day.
  • Openings, closings, and trends in the local business community.
  • Timely public safety alerts keep citizens informed and safe.
  • Upcoming happenings including concerts, rallies, and community meetings.
  1. Yonkers Voice

The Yonkers Voice stands out for its conversational tone and stellar visual journalism focused on the Yonkers community. Characteristics that define it are given below:

  • From the city council to boards of education, the Yonkers Voice monitors the inner workings of civic leadership.
  • Freelance photographers and staff photojournalists showcase the city beautifully.
  • When issues demand deeper exploration, the newsroom dives in through data-driven, shoe-leather reporting.
  1. Yonkers News Daily

Those wanting a fresh serving of Yonkers centric news can rely on the website named Yonkers News Daily. Here is a sampling of what the site delivers each day:

  • A quick summary of the biggest local happenings and updates.
  • Current conditions and road alerts for planning your commute.
  • Results from the latest games along with statistics and standout player performances.
  • Notable openings, transactions, and trends within the regional economy.
  1. The Examiner News

The Examiner News is an award winning weekly newspaper cherished by residents of northern Westchester County, NY. Founded in 1876, The Examiner News has a long legacy of outstanding community journalism. Print and digital subscriptions are available.

It provides intimate, hyperlocal coverage on topics like given below:

  • From budgets to policy moves, The Examiner keeps citizens engaged in local leadership decisions.
  • New construction projects, store openings, and noteworthy deals drive the local economy.
  • Reviews and event listings for regional theater, galleries, concerts, and more.
  • Game recaps, player stats, and team standings for schools in the area.
  1. Daily Voice

The Daily Voice publishes hyperlocal news stories as they unfold for communities in Westchester County and Rockland County. Here is a sampling of what you can find on Daily Voice:

  • As breaking stories emerge, Daily Voice shares the latest details and eyewitness accounts.
  • Real-time reports help locals prepare for the day.
  • Updates on moves by local governments with analysis.
  • Features on interesting residents, charitable trends, and good news.
  • Store openings, commercial real estate deals, hiring events, etc. that impact the area.
  • Timely public safety reporting to keep people informed.
  1. CBS News

CBS News is one of the most respected and far-reaching national news organizations. Its TV broadcasts and robust website provide award winning journalism. Notable features of CBS News:

  • The 24/7 digital news network that provides continuous reporting online.
  • The iconic TV programs which use in-depth investigations to uncover injustice and wrongdoing.
  • Popular shows like CBS This Morning and the CBS Evening News that deliver the developments of the day.
  1. Ground News

Ground News is a unique news aggregator that presents top headlines from multiple political leanings.

Key aspects are:

  • Top stories
  • Allows you to compare reporting from different viewpoints
  • Rates bias in news coverage
  • Highlights facts reported consistently across ideologies
  • Useful for getting a balanced perspective
  1. Floarena.net

Floarena.net is an online news and media website that aims to provide a diverse array of news and information from various perspectives. 

Here are some key aspects of floarena.net:

  • Top stories – Provides headlines and links to top news articles from a variety of sources
  • Diverse perspectives – Includes reporting from different political leanings and ideologies
  • Bias ratings – Seeks to rate potential bias in news coverage to highlight slanted reporting
  • Fact checking – Compares articles to highlight facts reported consistently across different outlets
  • Balance – Aims to give readers a balanced perspective by aggregating multiple viewpoints
  • Analysis – Goes beyond just headlines to provide context and analysis of news events


Staying current on local happenings, national issues, and global affairs is important for being a well-informed individual. This list of the 10 best news websites provides quality news websites across a range of focuses, perspectives, and information types. Try out these recommended sources to find options that work for your daily news consumption needs and habits.