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10 Spotify Playlist Curators to Send Your Music to for free

by Busines Newswire
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Spotify playlist curators are like the DJs of the digital age, guiding what music fans find and love. They pick songs that fit the vibe of their playlists, which can help artists get noticed and listeners discover new tunes. 

Here, we’re highlighting 11 top Spotify playlist curators. Whether they focus on certain genres, are indie champs, or have big label connections, they’re all crucial for artists looking to grow their fanbase and for fans hungry for fresh beats.

1. Playlist Curator

Playlist Curator is a well-known platform that curates music playlists and distributes them across major streaming platforms like YouTube Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The curators are music professionals with a profound understanding of the industry. They meticulously listen to and evaluate thousands of songs before handpicking the best ones for their thoughtfully crafted playlists. These playlists are tailored to evoke a range of emotions, cater to various moods and occasions, and create unique atmospheres for listeners.

They have a huge following on Spotify. So musicians seeking to promote their music and gain more exposure on Spotify can submit their tracks to them for potential inclusion in their Spotify playlists.

2. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is a music blog that creates playlists across different music styles, focusing on independent and up-and-coming artists. They use SubmitHub to make their submission process easier, making sure all artists have a fair chance to be heard. Indie Shuffle’s playlists are known for their diverse mix, giving artists a platform to reach a wide range of listeners.

3. SubmitHub

SubmitHub is a platform that links artists with music curators, including those who manage Spotify playlists. It provides a simple way for musicians to showcase their tracks to influential playlist curators actively seeking new music. This service is appreciated for its clear process and efficiency in handling submissions.

4. PlaylistPush

PlaylistPush is a service that connects independent artists with Spotify playlist curators. It allows artists to submit their music to a network of curators who are keen to discover new sounds. This platform is great for artists aiming to broaden their audience and connect with new listeners.

5. Soundplate

Soundplate operates a music platform featuring various independent playlists curated by music enthusiasts and influencers. Artists can submit their music directly through Soundplate’s website, which also offers tools for artists to create and manage their own playlists, enhancing their promotional activities.

6. MySphera

MySphera is a service that connects artists with playlist curators and influencers. It offers a tailored approach by analyzing submissions and matching them with the most suitable tastemakers. This curator is known for its commitment to promoting new and emerging talents, making it a great option for artists looking to break into the scene.

7. Daily Playlists

Daily Playlists gathers a wide range of music curators who focus on discovering and promoting new music across various genres. Artists can submit their tracks for consideration directly through the Daily Playlists website, which is continually updated with new opportunities for exposure.

8. Work Hard Playlist Hard

Work Hard Playlist Hard is dedicated to supporting indie artists by providing them with opportunities to get their music on Spotify playlists. This curator focuses on a variety of genres and actively seeks out fresh, promising talents who are trying to make a mark in the music industry.

9. Simon Field

Simon Field is an independent Spotify playlist curator known for his deep house playlists. Artists can submit their music for consideration via his contact links, and he is recognized for his taste in chill and electronic vibes, making him a go-to for artists in these genres.

10. Soave Records

Soave Records curates playlists that are rich in chill and tropical beats, perfect for artists whose music fits a relaxed, summery vibe. They accept submissions directly through their platform, providing artists with a fantastic opportunity to reach listeners who crave laid-back music.