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12 Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape to Look Handsome

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Your face shape plays a crucial role in determining which haircuts will look best on you. The right haircut can transform your look, helping accentuate your best features. With so many hairstyles to choose from, it can get overwhelming to find one that complements your face shape. This blog shares expert tips on the most flattering haircuts for different face shapes, so you can look your handsome best.

Determining Your Face Shape

Figuring out your unique face shape is the first step to finding the most flattering haircuts. Here is a simple process to identify your face shape at home:

Trace Your Outline 

Stand in front of a mirror and use soap or lip liner to trace the outline of your face. Make sure to trace around your hairline, temples, jawline, and chin. This will give you a clear picture of your face’s shape.

Analyze Key Features

Now examine your traced outline and analyze:

  • Forehead – Is it rounded, wide, or narrow?
  • Cheekbones – Are they high and pronounced or less defined? 
  • Jawline – Is it sharp and well-defined or rounded and soft?
  • Face length – Is your face longer, shorter, or proportional?

In case you’re based in New York City, you must visit expert barbers like Chaps & Co Barbershop NYC who can provide personalized guidance on finding the most flattering haircuts for your face shape. Their experienced stylists will analyze your unique facial features and suggest the ideal haircut and beard trim for your face that will ultimately help you look your best.

Categorize Your Shape 

Based on your analysis, categorize your face into one of these 7 common shapes:

  • Oval – The face is slightly longer, with a rounded hairline and uniform width to the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.
  • Round – The face has curved lines, with width and length in equal proportion, and a rounded chin.
  • Square – The face has a sharp, angular jawline, wide forehead, strong corners, and equal facial dimensions. 
  • Heart – The face is widest at the forehead and temples, with a narrow pointed chin.
  • Oblong – Face is longer than it is wide, with a long straight cheek and jawline. 
  • Diamond – Face has wide cheekbones tapering to a narrow forehead and chin, overall angular.
  • Triangle – The face has a narrow forehead, wide jawline and cheeks, and a pointed chin.

This thorough analysis will accurately determine your face shape, so you can find the best haircuts. An experienced hairstylist can also help assess your shape. Once you know your face shape, read on for the most flattering hairstyles.

Best Haircuts for Oval Faces

Oval faces have balanced proportions with a slightly narrower jawline. This versatile shape can pull off various styles.

Medium Length Textured Crop

The side part and face-framing layers of a textured crop nicely contour an oval face. The medium length is ideal for creating fullness and structure.

Loose Waves

Big, voluminous waves add width to balance out an oval face’s longer shape. Part them slightly off-center for asymmetry.

Swept Back Pixie

This short, layered pixie cut sweeps diagonally across the head, complementing oval faces beautifully. It’s edgy yet sophisticated.

Best Haircuts for Round Faces 

Round faces have curved shapes with equal width and length. The goal is to add angles to offset the softness.

Angled Pixie

A pixie with sharply chopped layers creates a flattering dimension for round faces. Sweeping the bangs to one side also slims things down.

A-Line Bob 

An A-line bob with subtle face-framing layers gives round faces a tapered look. The collarbone length draws the eye down.

Textured Lob With Bangs

A textured lob’s layered, collarbone-grazing length looks fantastic on round faces. Blunt bangs minimize forehead roundness too.

Best Haircuts for Square Faces

Square faces have broad foreheads, wide jaws, and square hairlines. The aim is to soften those strong angles.

Soft Balayage Lob

A long bob with gradient balayage creates a smooth offset to a square face’s sharp angles. Loose waves further diminish the straight lines.

Layered Shag

A shag cut with feathered layers galore mellows out a square face shape. Having a deep side part also lessens the width up top. 

Curly Bob

Bobs look fabulous on square faces, especially curly ones. The soft tousled texture camouflages the angles. Add bangs for further softness.

Best Haircuts for Heart Faces

Heart faces have wide foreheads that taper to a pointy chin. The aim is to balance out the top and bottom halves.

Side-Swept Bangs

The tried-and-true side bangs minimize a wide forehead while complementing heart faces. Pair with straight locks to offset a narrower chin.

Choppy Pixie  

Cropped pixie cuts with short bangs flatter heart-shaped faces by accentuating your eyes. Choppy layers add movement and disguise a pointy chin.

Long Layers

Length is your friend with a heart face. Add long layers to frame your features, balancing out the proportions. Part slightly off-center too.

Best Haircuts for Oblong Faces

Oblong faces are longer than they are wide with a straight jawline. Widening the face is the goal.

Curtain Bangs

Bouncy curtain bangs, parted deeply to the side, are an oblong face’s best friend. They shorten the face and boost volume up top.

Shoulder-Length Waves 

Big, loose waves amp up the volume for oblong faces. Cutting hair to your shoulders helps widen things. Go for wispy side-swept bangs too.

Medium-Length Shag

A medium shag with tons of layers gives the illusion of width across oblong faces. Sweeping the bangs sideways disguises length.

Best Haircuts for Diamond Faces 

Diamond face shapes have wide cheekbones that taper towards the jawline and forehead. Hairstyles should contour and accentuate the angles.

Sleek Bob With Bangs

A blunt, sleek bob hits at the cheekbones, complementing a diamond face shape perfectly. Pair with thick bangs for added drama.

Long Side-Parted Layers

Long layers with a deep side part play up the diamond face’s bone structure. Go for piece-y ends at the chin to sharpen your jaw.

Glamorous Hollywood Waves

Big, bouncy curls add softness around the edges of diamond faces. Finger waves amp up the retro glam even more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I figure out my face shape?

Trace your face outline in a mirror and analyze things like forehead, cheek, and jaw width. Check if your face is more rounded, oval, square, elongated, etc. 

  • Which face shapes look best with short hair?

Short haircuts like pixies and bobs tend to most flatter oval, heart, round, and square face shapes.

  • What bangs complement my face shape?

Side-swept bangs work well for round, square, diamond, and oblong faces. Blunt bangs flatter oval and heart shapes. Curtain bangs look great on oblong faces.

The Bottom Line

Understanding how to choose the most complementary hairstyles for your unique face shape is a game-changer. Use the tips in this guide to find your perfect cut and take your handsome style to the next level. A visit to an experienced hairstylist can help you pick a look that accentuates your gorgeous features. With the right haircut, you’ll feel confident and ready to take on the world.


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