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20 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a VPN

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Selecting the right Virtual Private Network (VPN) is crucial for ensuring online privacy, security, and access to a wide range of internet content.

Here are 20 essential questions to ask before choosing a VPN service.

1. What is the primary purpose of the VPN?

Determine whether you need the VPN for one of the following:

  • Privacy
  • Streaming
  • Torrenting
  • Bypassing
  • Geo-restrictions

2. Does the VPN have a strict no-logs policy?

Ensure the VPN does not keep logs of your internet activities for complete privacy.

3. What encryption protocols does the VPN use?

Look for VPNs that offer robust encryption like AES-256 to ensure maximum security.

4. How many server locations does the VPN offer?

A wide range of server locations means more options for content access and better speeds.

5. Does the VPN support my device and operating system?

Check if the VPN is compatible with all your devices and operating systems.

6. How is the VPN’s speed and performance?

Consider a VPN known for good speeds to avoid slow browsing and streaming.

7. Can the VPN access geo-restricted content?

If accessing global content is important, ensure the VPN can bypass geo-restrictions effectively.

8. Is there a limit on bandwidth or data usage?

Prefer VPNs with unlimited bandwidth to avoid restrictions on your internet usage.

9. How many simultaneous connections does the VPN allow?

Ensure the VPN allows enough simultaneous connections for all your devices.

10. What is the VPN’s privacy policy?

Read the privacy policy to understand how the VPN uses your data.

11. Is the VPN easy to use?

Look for a user-friendly interface, especially if you are not tech-savvy.

12. What customer support options are available?

Check if the VPN offers reliable customer support like live chat, email, or phone support.

13. Does the VPN offer a free trial or money-back guarantee?

A free trial or money-back guarantee allows you to test the VPN before committing.

14. What is the cost of the VPN service?

Compare pricing plans to find a VPN that fits your budget. You can also look into the best free VPN

15. Are there any additional features?

Look for additional features like a kill switch, split tunneling, or ad-blocking.

16. How does the VPN perform in terms of security audits?

Check if the VPN has undergone independent security audits to verify its safety.

17. Is the VPN provider transparent about its operations?

A transparent VPN provider is more likely to be trustworthy and reliable.

18. Can the VPN be configured manually?

Manual configuration options can be important for advanced users.

19. How does the VPN handle DNS requests?

Ensure the VPN handles DNS requests securely to prevent leaks.

20. What are the legal and regulatory considerations in my country?

Understand the legal aspects of using a VPN in your country.


Asking these 20 questions can help you choose a VPN service that meets your specific needs in terms of privacy, security, performance, and functionality, ensuring a safe and optimal online experience. Another good way to ask or search these question are forums, I personally recommend looking for discussion on the best VPNs according to Reddit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a No-Logs Policy Important?

A no-logs policy ensures that your online activities are not recorded or stored, maintaining your privacy.

How Important is the Number of Server Locations?

More server locations offer better speed and access to a wider range of content.

What Makes a VPN Easy to Use?

A user-friendly interface and simple setup make a VPN easy to use, even for beginners.