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3 Female Indie Artists to Keep an Eye on This Year

by Busines Newswire
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There’s something about indie music that keeps listeners coming back for more. When musicians have total control over their art and funding to get it recorded and promoted, the results can be excellent because there are so many directions their music can go.

Put another way, indie music can be as varied as those creating it. Indie artists are usually freer to carve their own musical path. Female indie artists have been all over the charts lately, creating gems that will stay with music fans for years to come.

Let’s check out three you should be tracking this year.

Lila Drew

The precocious UK-born, LA-raised singer-songwriter is having a solid run right now. Her debut 2022 album, All the Places I Could Be, is a mix of whimsy, fun, and a soul-searching spiritual look at things in everyday life that really matter, especially relationships.

There’s a mature mind at work behind the lyrics, and she sings them over a fun and poppy sound scape, yet you can feel her winking. Sometimes, indie music can be a little too cool, where the artists feel they need to be detached from life, so they hide what they really mean in a layer of irony.

Drew is refreshingly frank and candid but without being too self-serious, either. Put her music on to hear some good vibes songs in the background or listen carefully and actively to really appreciate a great singer-songwriter.


The Toronto indie scene is bustling, and Swiims is really making their name in it, especially after launching their first full-length EP, Into the Blue Night. Mai Diaz is the lead singer, and her sultry voice and startling poetry are one of the driving forces behind the band.

Colin Thompson’s crystalline guitar tones veer in unexpected directions and subvert the listener’s expectations, while bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh lays down a solid sonic foundation that keeps chugging along in ways that feel round yet angular.

The dream pop, surfy feel to their album is bested only by seeing them perform the material live. If you can’t make it to one of their shows, stream the album or listen to it on vinyl.

Bella Rosa

The Canadian singer from London, Ontario, might just become the next big indie superstar. Even if she doesn’t, her music is excellent and shouldn’t be missed!

Bella Rosa describes her music as alt-pop, having come from pop to rock and, like many indie artists, lives in the cracks between genres: “I can write how I feel. Alt can be anything; it doesn’t have to be happy or sad.”

Her music can definitely encompass both, even at the same time. It’s mature, brave, and bold. More than anything, it’s very pleasant to listen to.

Indie artists sometimes become household names eventually, but not always. Part of the genre’s fun involves listening to and appreciating an artist before they become a celebrity. The women in these indie groups are carving out new paths while respecting their predecessors, and as a result, it’s an exciting time for music fans.