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5 Considerations Before Shipping By Crate

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A professional shipping company has the resources, skills, and knowledge to get your valuable goods safely from point A to point B. It is a reliable way to move your property and can save you money. Expert crating services like Packing Service, Inc. can provide a level of protection that you would not be able to achieve if you were shipping the items on your own.

We know that it can be nerve-wracking to entrust your property to a shipping company. That’s why we want to share three considerations you should make before shipping your items by crate. If you aren’t sure if a palletizing and crating service is the right choice for you, contact our team at Packing Service, Inc. today!

How far are you shipping your product?

There are many regulations when it comes to crating and shipping products internationally. Not following these guidelines could result in significant delays or damage to your products. A reputable shipping company like Packing Service, Inc. understands the process and provides you with expertise every step of the way.

Is your product a standard shape and size?

Wooden crates are the optimal choice for shipping bulky and uniquely shaped items. Our team of professional palletizing and crating experts build custom wooden crates to meet your needs. Because of this, we can ship anything you need to transport efficiently and with the protection of your goods in mind.

Does your product require additional protection?

Custom crating services make transport easy, but there is more to consider. To ensure your items are safe, the crates must be fit with a sturdy framework and optional cushioning to protect them from turbulence during transit.

Get Peace of Mind

At Packing Service, Inc., we understand that peace of mind is important when choosing a palletizing and crating company. Our custom wooden crates will ensure that your items are delivered safely and in good condition. Consider working with the top crating service for your next shipping job.

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