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5 Reasons to Book a Hearing Test Today

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Your hearing is one of the most important senses that you have. Experiencing even a mild degree of hearing loss can be a major impediment to everyday life, making it harder to hear conversations, distinguish between voices, or enjoy music and entertainment.

A hearing test can identify hearing loss and give you a solution. Hearing aids can help restore your hearing based on the degree of loss identified in a hearing test. Independent audiologists such as Toronto Hearing Consultants can help match you to the right hearing aid based on the results of your test.

But when is it time to book a hearing test? These are five reasons to stop putting it off and get your hearing checked today.

#1 Hearing Tests Before Age 50: Every 10 Years

You may be surprised to learn that audiologists recommend that adults get their hearing tested even when they’re younger.

Getting a hearing test done before you’re 50 can help establish a baseline. A baseline hearing test involves putting your test results into an audiogram, which you can then review.

In some cases, a hearing test when you’re younger can show hearing loss, at which point further tests may be done to find a solution, such as a hearing aid. If not, it provides a solid baseline for further hearing tests as you age and can better show hearing loss.

#2 Hearing Tests After Age 50: Every 3 Years

Hearing loss is much more likely to occur as you get older. Roughly 14% of people from the age 45 to 64 experience some form of hearing loss, but that rises to 30% among people who are over the age of 65.

Hearing loss becomes significantly more prevalent with age. Even if you haven’t noticed overt signs of hearing loss, you should get your hearing tested regularly once you pass a certain age.

#3 You Struggle to Hear in Loud Environments

Do you find yourself struggling to hear people sitting next to you in loud environments like restaurants, stores, or busy public places?

This is a good sign that an audiologist might identify some hearing loss, and it may manifest in several different ways, such as consistently asking people to repeat themselves or finding yourself incapable of telling who is speaking when there are multiple voices talking at the same time.

#4 You Find Yourself Cranking Up the Volume

Turning up the volume whenever you’re listening to music or watching T.V. is another sign that you might have hearing loss. High volumes can be damaging to your hearing, and if you find yourself consistently leaving the volume at high settings, there might be an issue worth checking out.

#5 You Hear Ringing in Your Ear

Tinnitus, the sensation that there is ringing or buzzing in your ears, can be linked to hearing loss. The causes are unclear, but many people who suffer from tinnitus also have hearing loss.

Tinnitus itself is usually not severe enough to interfere with everyday life, but the close association it has with hearing loss is reason enough to book a hearing test.

Whether you’re getting your hearing tested because you noticed something wrong or because it’s something that you should regularly get tested, find an independent audiologist who can also help you find appropriate hearing solutions if needed.