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5 reasons to choose Agilis jet tenders

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In the world of water carriage jet tenders received well-deserved trust and proved their worth. They have a number of advantages. Important advantage of jet tenders is their great handling experience which makes riding easy and comfortable. But there is a great variety of offers on the jet tender`s market that you can get confused when you are faced with a choice. To make it easier, we have identified 5 advantages of jet tenders from the best German manufacturer Agilis Jettenders GmbH.

Jet propulsion system

Jet propulsion system being inside the hull uses the water to push the boat, streaming it through itself. Jet tenders hold perfectly even on the tightest turns on the speed. That smoothness on tight turns is provided by the quick reaction of the directional nozzle. Another visible advantage is that jet boats are safer than prop-driven by virtue of a jet pump. There is no propeller beneath the waterline, thus it can`t injure or strike people in the water. Jet tenders also have an exceptional draft edge which is only the depth of the hull itself. Thanks to this benefit they can easily go into shallower waters and beach. So, with the jet system you choose power, comfort and safety for your tender.

Usable design

Regardless of the size of your yacht, Agilis has a wide range of jet tenders with different sizes which fit small and large yachts. Agilis 280 is the smallest tender in their range, it has a length of 2,8 m and fits to 38-foot or longer yachts. And the biggest and the most luxury jet tender is Agilis 560D which is 5,6 m long. Actually, each Agilis jet tender has an ergonomic design thought to the smallest detail.


Agilis jet tenders are able to be customized in according to customer`s taste and wish. In the Configurator on Agilis website, you can choose colors of Hypalon, hull, deck, steering console, material of teak and upholstery. You can also add useful accessories and gadgets to make your onboard experience even more comfortable. With this application ordering the jet tender that would meet your wishes has become even easier. You just create it in the Configurator and in one click send the order to the manager.

High quality

Agilis jet tenders are made of the highest quality luxurious materials. The company chooses only the best manufacturers in their field, who have proven the quality of their products through years of practice and thousands of satisfied customers. If necessary, you can contact Agilis Jettenders and they can give you all the information about every part of the jet tender, because they are responsible for the quality of their jet boats.


Agilis has dealers in more than 10 countries around the world and can deliver its tenders anywhere. As well the company provides direct deliveries and service support at any world point.  So, it doesn’t matter where you live, it will be easy for you to order a tender and get technical support.

Visit the website: agilis-jettenders.com