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5 Revolutionary Tools To Spice Up Your Website With TikTok Feeds

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Who doesn’t know about one of the viral and trending video-sharing platforms TikTok which was formerly known as Musical. Ly? 

Well, the whole world knows about TikTok, which has 1.06 billion active users spread across 160 countries as per the data of DemandSage. 

In the beginning, teenagers mostly used this platform to create trending lip-synced videos of 15 seconds to 3 minutes. But now this platform has become a great attraction for people of different ages and professions. Alongside more than 5 million businesses and marketers are also using TikTok to connect with global audiences as per Demadsage. And, as a part of marketing strategy, many brands have started to embed TikTok video on their website as well.  

If you are a marketer then you can also start embedding for bringing maximum growth in your business. And, to make your embedding journey smooth there are multiple prominent aggregator tools available in the market. 

Want to know about the tools? Then you are in the right place as this article is going to share with you some of the revolutionary aggregator tools. 

Thus, keep reading this article to know more about each of them. 

Embed TikTok Video To Any Website Smoothly With These Outstanding Tools

Looking into the popularity of TikTok, if you have decided to embed TikTok video of your brand on your official website then that is an excellent idea. Because, as per the reports of DemandSage, audiences watch 1 billion videos on the TikTok platform every day. 

But to embed TikTok feed on the website successfully without any hassle you can use a TikTok Widget.This will speed up the embedding process and be seamless as well. Looking into this fact below we have shared a curated list of some of the best aggregator tools in the market. Let’s get into them quickly.

1. Tagembed

So, here kicking off the list with the first aggregator tool Tagembed. This is one of the dynamic and revolutionary aggregator tools in the competitive market. Its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and code-free process have made it a popular choice among global marketers and businesses. Tagembed has the ability to curate, collect, and embed interactive content from 20+ well-known social networks including popular video platforms like TikTok. 

Tagembed has much more to offer for the users. This great aggregator tool has cool and advanced customization features that help you design an attractive widget to embed TikTok feed on your website. You can match the look and feel of your widget by choosing themes, layout, font size, font style, and other things from a variety of options. Other than that this tool has a fully responsive design that can be operated on any device. The best feature provided by this aggregator tool is content moderation. Using this feature users can choose to embed TikTok feed on the website as per their choice and can also cut out feed that they think is not proper. Thus, no doubt Tagembed is a great aggregator tool for businesses. 

2. Curator.io

Curator.io is the next aggregator tool in the list. This is a great tool that allows users to fetch content from numerous social media networks, it also includes TikTok. This will take only 5 minutes for you to create a widget to embed TikTok video on any website. This tool also offers you a user-friendly interface. 

Curator.io also comes with customization options that will allow you to design widgets that will match the look and feel of your website. However, like other aggregator tools, it does not come with different levels of customization. After embedding it also provides a feature that is an analytic tool that helps you to keep the performance of your widget on track. All in all, Curator.io is also a good choice of aggregator tool for businesses.

3. Juicer.io 

The third aggregator tool on the list is Juicer.io. This tool gives businesses the ability to craft a great widget through which you can easily embed TikTok feeds on your website. Juicer.io has the ability to curate content effectively from 18 social media networks including TikTok. This platform also comes with a moderation feature so that users can pick the accurate content to be displayed on the website. 

Users can effectively organize their content into a single feed that makes it easy to embed them in the website. It will automatically update the content on the website when you post anything on the platform within 24 hours. Moreover, the analytic features offered by Juicer help you to track the page view, clicks, and posts basically the whole widget. Use this aggregator to help your business grow. 

4. SociableKIT 

SociableKIT this versatile aggregator tool has taken the fourth place in the list. This tool helps the users to seamlessly embed TikTok feed on any website for free. Its compatibility makes this tool popular and a great choice for thousands of companies. This versatile tool can collect and aggregate content to your website directly building trust among your potential customers. 

This tool also allows the users to customize the whole look and feel of the widget as per the style of the website. This aggregator also offers you full code-free integration so you don’t need to have coding knowledge. So, grow the online presence of your business using this aggregator tool. 

5. Embed Social

The fourth feature-rich aggregator tool in the curated list is EmbedSocial. This tool makes the whole embedding process super simple for you. It allows users to collect and integrate content from some of the well-known platforms which also include TikTok. 

This tool comes with great customization features like templates, layouts, etc so that you can able to design your widget to match the style of your website. This tool also supports various web platforms like WordPress etc. Thus, the tool EmbedSocial is a great solution for the business to improve their online presence. 

Summing Up

This is the end of the article if you have continued till here then you have learned the cruciality of showcasing content on your website. And that you can make your website attractive and more approachable to your visitors when you embed TikTok feed on the website. 

This article has shared with you some of the popular and revolutionary aggregator tools. So that you can pick the best one for your business and start a journey towards a seamless embedding process.