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5 Ways to Recover Deleted Files Not in Recycle Bin

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Encountered the disappointment of putting important files not in the trash? Find the powerful solution below for easy recovery of deleted files that are not in the trash.

Why does the deleted file not appear in the trash?

The recycling box serves as a protection against data loss by providing space for recovering erroneously deleted files. The desktop trash icon is used as a temporary storage space for delete files. However, there are several reasons why files may not appear in the trash:

  • Use Shift + Delete for deletion
  • Delete Command
  • Deleting from external drives such as flash drivers
  • Set the settings to prevent files from entering the trash.
  • Cleaning the recycling tank.
  • Recyclable tanks that reach capacity or are damaged.
  • Files that exceed the size limit of the trash.

Our results show that when files are lost from recycling tanks, they are usually considered non-recoverable. To speed up the recovery process, let’s investigate how to recover data effectively. Starting with our above instructions.

Recover deleted files that are not in the repository with WinfrGUI

WinfrGUI is the ultimate solution to recover deleted file not in recycle bin. Its user-friendly interface and useful features keep the recovery process windy. This is why Winfr GUI stands out:

Recommendation: WinfrGUI is an advanced data recovery software for PCs. It can recover necessary data that is lost due to system failure or deletion by mistake. Best of all, Winfr GUI is free to allow anyone to recover lost data without spending any money.

Step-by-step instructions for using WinfrGUI:

  • Select file location: Start WinfrGUI and select the drive or location where the deleted file is stored. WinfrGUI will scan the specified disk thoroughly to find the delete file.
  • After scanning, WinfrGUI will show you a recoverable file. Select the file you want to recover and let WinfrGUI do the magic of it.

Other methods to recover deleted files are not in recyclable crates without software.

Recover from previous version:

Windows has a built-in tool called “Previous Version”, which allows you to recover data from a previous backup. To restore a specific version, right-click on the file or folder. Select “Recover Previous Version” and select the appropriate version.

Retrieving files from Windows Backup:

If you regularly create backups using Windows Backup, recovering deleted files from your security storage is a simple process. Just follow the instructions on the screen after connecting the backup drive to your computer into Windows backup settings and loading the file.

Check system recovery point:

Windows usually creates a recovery point that can be used to restore deleted files or revert your system to its previous state. To start a system restore, type “System Restore” in the Windows search box, then follow the instructions so that your system is back in a state where the files are still accessible.

Use file history backup:

Windows has a configuration feature called “file history”, which automatically backups important files and folders to a network address or external drive. Recovering missing files is easy if you open the file history. Just open the backup. Right-click on backup location and select “Restore previous version” to recover deleted files.

The process of recovering deleted files that are not in the recyclable cistern has never been easier with WinfrGUI and these built-in Windows capabilities. Do not let lost data ruin your day – let winfrgUI try today and recover your valuable files easily.

Tips to prevent future data loss

To avoid accidental deletion of files, please follow these best practices and helpful tips:

  • Double check before deleting files to confirm your intentions.
  • Enables the Deletion Confirmation dialog in the Recycle Bag Properties
  • Make sure that the recyclable tank icon is visible on your desktop.
  • Configure the recyclable tank settings to meet your storage needs.
  • Takes advantage of built-in Windows tools such as “Previous Version”, Windows Backup, System Recovery, and File History for data recovery and protection.


In conclusion, the strong method in this article can alleviate the disappointment of losing critical data not in the recycling tank. The recycling box is a seamless network for inadvertent deletion, but several conditions can cause files to escape. Making it appear irreparable. WinfrGUI stands out for its straightforward design and comprehensive functionality, making it a remarkable free data recovery tool. This means, you do not need to pay or use discount code or any gift card codes

Windows “Previous Version”, Windows Backup, System Recovery, and File History also allow file retrieval. These methods and procedures include validating, deleting, and altering recycling bag settings help avoid data loss. WinfrGUI and Windows utilities allow users to confidently recover files, recover lost data, and strengthen error prevention.