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6 Fantastic Exotic Fruits In Columbia You Have To Try

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When you visit Colombia, it is a shame not to visit a grocery store since you will be in for a treat. There are so many tasty exotic fruits available for anyone and there is actually a pretty good possibility you will not even be able to name most of them. The country is home to some fantastic superfruits that offer very interesting health benefits and the following exotic fruits are those you have to absolutely try.

Passion Fruit – Maracuya

It is easy to understand why maracuya is the favorite fruit of Colombia. This oval, wrinkly exotic fruit can make an incredibly tasty icecream and fantastic juices. You will need to cut the passion fruit open. Then, remove the seeds. Get ready to get a little dirty as you do this since seeds have jelly coverage. But, as soon as you do this, you can use the fruit.

Passion fruit is very good in smoothies and juices, it aids you in your digestion, is a tremendous source of the needed vitamin C, and can even act as a sedative.


Gulupa is actually a cousin of maracuya. It is just not that well-known. You want to try it since it is truly delicious and quite nutritious. The sedative element inside it can help some people regulate their dreams. Also, the fruit has a high vitamin C content and can help you control tension.

The Gulupa fruit is ripe when the purple dark skin is wrinkled. Use it in smoothies, juices, and sauces as a very good base.

Dragon Fruit – Pitaya

The dragon fruit has a very easy to recognize bright color and a flavor that is similar to kiwi or melon. The skin of the pitaya can be yellow or red. Also, the inside is either red or white.

Many people appreciate this fruit because of its taste but it does have some health benefits you want to consider. Some studies showed improvements in people suffering from memory loss and diabetics can add the fruit to their diet in order to control blood glucose. Usually, you eat this fruit raw and you will most likely love it.

Mangosteen – Mangostino

The purple skin of the mangosteen is inedible. But, the white fruit inside is very interesting with its tangy and sweet flavor. Queen Victoria named it “Queen of the Fruit” and actually offered really high financial compensation whenever someone brought it for her to eat.

The big problem overseas with this fruit is that there are import restrictions. This makes it very expensive. In Colombia, this is not a problem and you can enjoy mangosteen in savory dishes, sweet dishes, smoothies, and juices. You can also just eat it raw if you want to.

Golden Berry – Uchuva

The uchuva is very easy to identify as it is yellow and rather small. It contains high quantities of flavonoids that will aid you in digestion and in killing stomach parasites. There are even doctors who claim there are benefits for people suffering from stomach and colon cancers. You will even find reports saying the golden berry helps in treating throat and mouth infections. Just stew it with honey and prepare a tasty juice to enjoy these benefits.

Sapota – Zapote

Zapote is a really tough fruit. It grows fast and has a very high drought and wind resistance. You can thus find it growing in very arid, dry areas.

The high fiber content of the sapota means you should expect a laxative effect. This is because of the high dietary fiber content. Besides that, the fruit is very high in tannin content, which acts as a strong anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent that helps those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or gastritis. There are even high contents of antioxidants and minerals so just eat this fruit raw whenever you can.


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