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6 Key Motivations for Relying on a Video Production Company

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In today’s marketing domain, video content reigns supreme. Visual marketing is influencing consumer decisions and shaping brand perceptions more powerfully than ever before. A recent report by a UK-based company has revealed that a staggering 86% of businesses use video as a promotional tool. For those seeking unparalleled quality and impact, availing the services of a reputed video production company in London can be the best way forward.

Engaging a video production team not only enhances your content but also guarantees complete peace of mind. Precision, creativity, and industry-leading technology equip their professionals. Read on to gain an idea of the main reasons for hiring well-known production companies for your video.

The top six reasons for hiring a video production company

Professional quality and expertise

A professional video production company can provide a level of quality that is unmatched by amateur videographers. They have access to high-quality equipment, experienced crew members, and professional editing software to ensure that your video turns out professionally.

A report shows that 1.5 times more people use their mobile phones to access the internet compared to desktop users. This figure shows the importance of adapting your brand promotion videos for mobile device viewing. More and more brands are now turning to engaging videos as the ideal medium for expression.

Any reputable video production company London can give you comprehensive and end-to-end post-production services. The services they include are video editing, colour correction, sound design, and adding special effects to enhance the overall quality of your content.

Potential customers’ perceptions of your brand can significantly change with a professionally shot and edited video. A report by Yans shows that using video on your website can improve your conversion rate by 4.8%. This statistic demonstrates the significance of a professionally shot video and why it is critical to driving traffic to your website.

Cost Effectiveness

The concept of in-house production looks very attractive, as it gives you more control over the entire shooting and editing process. However, you should carefully consider the costs. To use in-house talents to shoot a video for your company, you must first invest in the necessary infrastructure and equipment, as well as training for your team members. Videography and post production software are very expensive. This will increase the cost of producing a video that promotes your business.

The average cost of setting up an in-house video production team varies depending on the number of people involved, their expertise, and the equipment required. The costs can range from $50,000 to $100,000 per year, including salaries, equipment, and other expenses.

A video production company in London can spread the cost of their equipment over several projects, which will reduce its impact on a single project.

Time Savings

When you outsource your video production needs to a reputed firm, you can save time and focus on other aspects of your business. To make your in-house team ready to shoot professional-looking videos, you have to invest a lot of time and resources in learning, planning, shooting, and editing videos. Alternatively, by hiring a video production company, you can ensure high-quality videos without the time-consuming process of training your team.

In general, one has to spend weeks building and getting an in-house team ready for a video shoot. On the other hand, a professional video production unit with a trained team of experts can do the same job in a fraction of the time.

Access to advanced technologies

Professional video production companies invest heavily in staying current with the latest innovations to offer their clients state-of-the-art results.

  1. 4K and 8K Cameras: Delivering ultra-high-definition quality, these cameras offer stunning clarity and detail, making them a standard choice for high-end productions. The adoption of 4K technology has become widespread, with over 50% of video production companies using 4K cameras on a regular basis. The move towards 8K is growing, especially in markets that demand the highest resolution.
  2. Drone and Aerial Photography: Drones provide unique angles and perspectives that were previously unattainable without significant expense. The adoption rate for drones in video production has soared, with around 30% of video productions now incorporating aerial footage to enhance visual storytelling.
  3. Advanced Colour Grading Software: Modern software offers unprecedented control, enabling videographers to achieve precise colour effects that were once only possible in high-budget films. Nearly 40% of video producers are now using advanced colour grading tools in their projects.

By leveraging these technologies, a premium video production company in London can not only stay competitive but also push the boundaries of what video can achieve.

Scalability and flexibility

Video production businesses with experience can handle fixed costs like editing software and equipment better than in-house teams, who must bear these expenditures themselves. These businesses take advantage of economies of scale by dividing the expense of expensive machinery and software licencing across several projects.

By using this method, they may offer a wider range of services without having to pay extra for each new project, which also lessens the effect of fixed costs for each project. Because of this, they are able to provide their services at a lower price.

Creative input and storytelling

Hiring a video production company in London brings crucial creative expertise to projects, elevating narrative, style, and viewer engagement through their storytelling skills. They craft compelling stories to captivate audiences. Their stylistic choices in colour, camera work, and editing enhance the content’s emotional impact. This mix of story strength and technical skill ensures that each project looks professional. It also resonates deeply with viewers. This mix fosters strong engagement and long-lasting impressions.

When you hire the services of a video production firm, you can expect top-notch results that leave a lasting impact on your audience. Are you seeking to create a lasting impression and differentiate yourself from the competition? Get in touch with a reputable company with expertise in your business niche for the best results.