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6 Qualities That Make a Good Minecraft Faction Server

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Minecraft factions have special plugins on their programs that enable effective player-versus-player (PvP) competitions. The plugins are known as Minecraft faction servers. Knowing the qualities of the best Minecraft faction servers can help boost your gaming experience and fun. Here are six qualities that make Minecraft faction servers enjoyable: 

1. Survival Multiplayer Formula

Minecraft faction servers with the survival multiplayer formula have hostile-generated environments requiring players to fight to survive. The server requires you to craft weapons and other resources for your survival against attacks from hostile mobs. Survival Minecraft servers also generate horror genres to scare the players. These Minecraft servers can be overwhelming, making them best for experienced players. 

Hiding in mushroom field biomes can help you avoid hostile attacks as a new Minecraft server player. A mushroom field with high blocks and slab walkaways prevents easier mob spawning. Another survival trick is seeking a sheltered village before the attacks. Learning to make quality tools like an iron pickaxe can also help increase your survival chances as a beginner. Joining several faction missions can also help you create a good army to defeat hostile mobs. You also learn about the Minecraft faction versatility and appreciate the need for teamwork.

2. Dynamic Player-driven Economy

A player-driven economy is among the best Minecraft faction servers if you want to make money. The more you win against other players in your faction, the more money you make. A sense of competition fostered by a player-driven economy can help you make strategic winning decisions. You can trade in Minecraft economies with gold ingots, emeralds, or diamonds. Like in the real market, Minecraft economies also experience fluctuations. By understanding how a player-driven economy operates, you can avoid losses, especially during market fluctuations. You profit from fluctuations by avoiding high purchases and focusing on high sales. 

One of the Minecraft economies allows players to create their government and earn by voting for others as leaders. Mining, starting businesses, exploring the world, stock exchanges, farming, and raiding are other player-driven economies to try. Participating in different player-driven economies can also sharpen your gaming skills. 

3. Leaderboards

Knowing your scores and ranking in Minecraft faction servers can help you develop new competition strategies. A Minecraft faction server with a leaderboard will help you know and track your gaming statistics. Minecraft server leaderboards can give you a sense of accomplishment if you rank top among other players. Before joining any Minecraft faction server, find out the available ranking rules. That can promote positive behaviors by preventing cheating and other forms of unhealthy competition.

4. Custom Biomes

Custom biomes can enable you to adjust a gameplay’s nature to suit your preferences. Adding a new climate, heightmap, terrain, or new trees and fruits to your gameplay can boost your experience. Such adjustments can also improve your gameplay’s aesthetics. Before creating a biome for your Minecraft faction server, know its name, ground, and underground blocks. Choose biome characteristics like foliage, air, water, or grass colors. You can also add effects to your biome by choosing mood sounds, biome music, or ambient sound. 

5. Well-populated Teams

Minecraft faction servers with populated teams or clubs can promote more interactions among players. You can make many online friends and build a good base. The better your team base, the more powerful your faction can become. Minecraft faction servers with this quality don’t pose gameplay challenges, making them beginner friendly. Choose a team with a proximity voice chat to enjoy easier time and effective communication. 

6. Good Admins

The best Minecraft faction servers have attentive and supportive admins. Because of the emotions associated with PvP competitions, choose an empathetic Minecraft faction server admin. Your Minecraft faction server admin should be passionate about growing an effective team. Patience, the ability to multitask, and good listening are other qualities the admin should have. 

One of the admins’ roles is to prevent harassment like racism and bullying in Minecraft faction servers. The admins also identify and correct issues like server crashes, bugs, and network glitches. Following the available gameplay rules can prevent negative interactions with the admins.

Join the Best Minecraft Faction Servers Today

Joining a Minecraft faction server is one way to meet new people and have fun. Understanding the above qualities can help you find the best Minecraft faction server as a new player. Minecraft faction servers with the right qualities can improve your gaming skills and experience. Search for the right server for your needs today.