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8 Personal Ways To Cheer Your Loved Ones Up This Blue Monday

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January can be a hopeful time for many. It’s the first month of the year, and many set out to write New Year’s resolutions and plans to have a fulfilling year. However, January isn’t a positive time for everyone. In fact, a specific day in January is notorious for giving many the blues.

The third Monday of January is referred to as Blue Monday. It is said to be the most depressing day of the year. This sadness can be attributed to the post-Christmas lull, stretched finances and New Year’s resolutions that slowly start to look more unattainable.

You may notice a loved one might be feeling blue during this time. And while it’s impossible to take all their blues away, it is possible to minimise them. That is why we have provided 8 personal ways to cheer loved ones up during Blue Monday. In doing so, you will lift their spirits and even your own.

  1. Crafting A Heartfelt Letter

Nothing says “I care” like a handwritten letter. Pour your heart out on paper. It’s the ultimate expression of words of affirmation. Share memories, express gratitude, or simply remind them how awesome they are. It’s a personal touch that goes a long way in lifting spirits. In a world dominated by digital communication, a physical letter can be a cherished keepsake, a tangible expression of affection that can be revisited time and time again.

Take the time to choose stationery that reflects the personality of the recipient, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness. You can even spritz the letter with a scent you both love or include a small, flat memento, like a pressed flower or a photo, to make it even more special.

  1. Organising A Surprise Get-Together

Why not gather close friends or family of the loved one for an impromptu get-together? It doesn’t have to be fancy – a potluck or a game night can do wonders to uplift everyone’s mood. This idea is especially good if your loved one loves quality time when they are down.

You can even make it a themed evening that reflects your loved one’s interests and likes, such as a ‘cosy sweater’ night or a ‘favourite book’ discussion. This will add an element of fun and engagement. Encourage guests to bring a dish or a game that means something special to them, turning the gathering into a meaningful sharing of personal favourites.

  1. Personalised Gifts

Think of something that holds special meaning. A custom mug, or even a playlist of songs you both love. It’s the thought and personalisation that count. For instance, a mug could be inscribed with an inside joke or a quote from a shared favourite movie, making morning coffee a little more special. As for the playlist, it could be a mix of songs from concerts you’ve attended together or tracks that have been the soundtrack to your relationship. This is great if your loved one loves receiving gifts, especially with this added sentimental flair.

  1. Sharing A Memory Album

Put together a photo album or a digital slideshow of your favourite moments together. It’s a great way to reminisce about the good times and plan for more in the future. By revisiting these cherished memories, you not only rekindle joyous moments but also reinforce the bond you share.

In the digital slideshow, you can even add short video clips or background music that holds significance to you both, making the experience even more immersive and emotional. This personalised album or slideshow can serve as a beautiful reminder of your journey together, and a source of inspiration for future adventures and milestones.

  1. The Joy Of Flowers

Never underestimate the power of flowers to brighten someone’s day. Whether it’s a bouquet of fresh blooms or a beautifully crafted artificial arrangement, flowers bring colour and a sense of renewal. If you want long lasting aesthetics, artificial flowers such as artificial roses and artificial orchids last longer, offering a lasting reminder of your care.

When choosing flowers, consider the favourite colours or scents of your loved one, making the gesture even more personal and meaningful. Fresh flowers have the unique ability to fill a room with natural fragrance and vibrant beauty, creating an immediate mood lift. On the other hand, artificial flowers are a worry-free option that stay vibrant without any need for maintenance, ideal for busy or sensitive recipients.

  1. Cooking A Favourite Meal

Food is the language of love, right? Whip up their favourite dish, or bake some cookies. It’s a warm, delicious way to show you care. It’s a practical, service-oriented idea they will truly appreciate. By taking the time to prepare something that caters to their tastes, you’re showing that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes, which is a deeply personal form of affection.

  1. Planning A Future Trip Together

Sometimes, having something to look forward to can make all the difference. Plan a small trip or a day out – it’s a great way to beat the blues together. Whether it’s a day trip to a nearby town, a hike in nature, or a weekend getaway, the anticipation of the event can be as uplifting as the experience itself. This not only creates excitement but also gives you both the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas, further strengthening your bond.

  1. A Day Of Pampering

Book a spa day or create a home spa experience. A day dedicated to relaxation can be just what your loved one needs to rejuvenate. This gesture shows that you recognise their need for rest and self-care, which is especially thoughtful during a stressful period like January.

If you opt for a home spa, setting the mood with soft music, scented candles, and a selection of luxurious bath products can make it an equally indulgent and comforting experience.

A Not So Blue Monday

The third Monday of January doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. With these eight personal ways to lift spirits, you can spread warmth and joy to your loved ones. Remember, it’s the thought and the personal touch that count. Let’s make this Blue Monday a little brighter for everyone!