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8 Things You Should Know About CEO Chad Price’s New “Super Venture,” MAKO Alliance

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Entrepreneur and CEO, Chad Price, is no stranger to disrupting the healthcare sector. Back in 2014, he launched MAKO Medical Laboratories — a revolutionary testing and research lab which more than doubled in size over the course of the pandemic.

Bolstered by that success, the savvy businessman has now launched MAKO Alliance to unite the country’s leading healthcare organizations. Here are eight things you need to know.

1. Each Partner Company is Handpicked

Chad Price and the groundbreaking team at MAKO Medical have created the MAKO Alliance. The strategic collaboration will consist of industry-leading companies and partners in pathology, clinical, and molecular laboratories, in addition to SMO sites, bio banking, bio repository, and research companies. The unification of these already-powerful businesses will entirely transform the healthcare and testing system in the United States.

To ensure that each partner is suitable for the “super venture,” CEO and founder Chad Price and his team will be hand-selecting each of them. The result will be an enterprise including some of the top healthcare organizations from all corners of the country. Ensuing that the umbrella business only features the best of the best is a core strategy. This selective approach will ensure that the MAKO Alliance brand remains strong and stable throughout.

2. MAKO Alliance Will Be National

MAKO Alliance has recently launched and is already expanding its presence nationally. As the alliance moves across the country, it will have greater national coverage and cost-effective solutions for its members. The aim is to create a fully-unified brand that can service all parts of the country, allowing partners to benefit greatly from the new resources.

3. It Offers Centralized Services

MAKO Alliance partners and members will centralize their service selection. That means establishing strategic partnerships with vendors and suppliers, further reducing their everyday running costs. Working collaboratively allows each of the partner businesses access to the highest quality resources at an affordable price for their company.

Strategic collaboration has always been central to CEO Chad Price’s vision. He previously revealed, “One of the most important pieces of advice I can provide to other entrepreneurs is to surround yourself with a passionate group of talented people who aren’t afraid to argue their opinions. By checking your own ego at the front door and fostering that in your company culture, you will ultimately make better and more informed decisions.”

4. Partners Will Gain Greater Exposure

When they have joined the ranks, each of the MAKO Alliance partners will instantly gain access to a broader national customer base. Tapping into that pool will mean that the businesses can explore new regional and national markets with greater ease. Utilizing this aspect of  the alliance is a straightforward way to boost overall revenue and move forward.

Before now, reaching new markets has remained a struggle for many healthcare businesses and organizations. Having access to a new audience and being able to reach them effectively is a secret weapon as we move toward the future. According to CEO Chad Price, this benefit is one many major advantages that partner organizations can expect.

5. It Allows Businesses to Specialize

By removing some of the blocks for business, MAKO Alliance gives them the chance to specialize in certain areas. The ability to “niche down” is a massive game-changer, especially in a somewhat saturated market. Strengthening the services that they offer will empower organizations to become market leaders within their chosen field of expertise.

6. Partners Increased Recruitment

Talent acquisition remains one of the biggest hurdles for many businesses, especially those in the medical sector. Upon joining the MAKO Alliance, companies will have a competitive advantage over recruiters and other companies. Offering the ability to recruit talent on a national scale will transform the way that these businesses find new hires. The alliance will facilitate employee mobility and encourage new leadership positions for existing staff.

7. It Supports Groundbreaking Research

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that there is a massive demand for clinical trials and timely research. “Lessons from the current crisis should catalyze governments and healthcare organizations to prioritize public health and strengthen healthcare systems for future challenges,” explained CEO and founder Chad Price.

MAKO Alliance will play a significant role in shaping the future of clinical research. The organization will include specialized companies focusing on bio-banking, bio-repository, and site management organization (SMO). Furthermore, the data collected from research results can be monetized, leading to yet another income stream for the “super venture”.

8. This Is Just the Beginning

MAKO Alliance has recently launched. However, the ongoing recruitment program has already expanded its reach to various states, including Colorado, New Jersey, and Texas. Chad Price and the team plan to establish labs in all 50 states within the next three years, creating regional super labs for specialized testing and exceptional value for members.

“This has never been done, but other industries have done it,” explained Chad Price. “You’ve got insurance companies like Keystone that have brought many members together. You got MarineMax, which brought independent boat dealers together and created one brand. Safelite did it with auto glass companies. There’s lots of examples where you had many members come together to create one super company.”