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8 Types Of Skiing Bets

by Busines Newswire
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Traversing snowy slopes is one of the most exciting things about skiing. When you include skiing bets to the experience, it adds a whole new world of exciting opportunities! Let’s carve our way to success by exploring different types of skiing bets and joining the community of ski-betting enthusiasts.

Single Bet

A single bet requires you to place a bet on the outcome of a race or event. You can bet on a specific athlete to win the men’s or women’s slalom at the Winter Olympics. You can place a single bet with only one pick.

Multi (Parlay) Bet

You can place bets on two or more outcomes for different events. For example, you could bet on who will have the fastest time in the upcoming Downhill race or wager on the athlete you believe will stand at the top of the podium. You must pick two things for your bet to qualify as a multi-bet, and they must both be correct for you to win.

System Bet

A system bet is a mix of several multi-bets. It could mean you bet on four picks in a system 2/4 bet, which consists of six multi-bets of two picks each. At least two choices must be correct for your bet to be successful.

Handicap Bet

This is a predictive bet that has you adding or subtracting a number (usually time) or points from a final result. You may bet that a skier wins with a -3.5 second handicap. In this case, they have to win by more than 3.5 seconds for you to win your bet.


Head-to-head is a straightforward wager that has you comparing the performance of one skier to another. You can bet on which athlete will finish higher between the two. The priority here is their position placement, not how many points they win.

3Way Bet

This bet is for those that live for the thrill of the game. You can wager on three possible outcomes for a single event. You can bet that one skier will win, lose, or tie. These types of bets are common when there are no favorites or underdogs.

2Way Bet

Unlike multi-bets, where you bet on two outcomes for different events, a 2way bet has you betting on two outcomes for a single event. With 2way bets, you can bet on the finishing position of a skier or if they’ll finish in the top three. This is another bet you’ll find when there are no favorites or underdogs.

Special Bet

A special bet covers everything within an event that does not involve a final result. If the ice is incredibly slippery, you could bet that someone will fall, or you might bet on which country will accrue the most medals at the Winter Olympics.

Now you know all about the different options, you can join sports betting NZ enthusiasts and fans around the globe in backing your favourites.


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