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9 Ways Ecommerce Podcasts Benefit Businesses

by Busines Newswire
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Nearly half of all adults living in the US say they’ve listened to different types of podcasts in the past year at least once. With all those ears of potential customers, it’s no wonder so many business podcasts keep popping up.

Eccommerce podcasts in particular produce many benefits that savvy owners shouldn’t ignore. If you’ve been on the fence about making a podcast to boost sales, the following guide can help.

Read on to learn 9 ways that an ecommerce podcast can help grow your business.

1. Ecommerce Podcasts Are Affordable

Starting a podcast can take as little or as much time, effort, and money as you can afford. It’s common for podcasters to begin with a low-budget approach and scale up as they go.

Knowing how to grab the attention of an audience is much more important than spending money on production. If done correctly, you can link listeners to your brand via engaging content on any budget.

Keep in mind that paying to advertise your podcast can help grow its popularity and target a specific audience. But the amount you wish to invest in advertising is completely flexible.

2. Podcasting Creates Personal Connections

Your brand becomes more dependable and familiar when listeners hear your voice on a podcast. Like a radio show, it’s much more informal and personal than written articles.

Podcasting also acts as an excellent way to convey a story to potential customers and create connections. Examples include industry experiences and past clients that you’ve worked with.

3. Bolster Your Brand

Similar to a blog, podcasts allow you to share your expertise and show people that you know what you’re talking about. If you produce an informative and engaging podcast, it will improve the reputation of your brand.

Offering advice or interviewing other ecommerce experts helps boost your brand’s credibility. Let’s face it, there are a lot of ecommerce businesses out there, but a podcast can help set yours apart in terms of prestige.

You can visit Ampifire for 10 examples of successful ecommerce pods.

4. Many Ways to Listen

A lot of podcast listeners play their favorite pod while doing things like working, exercising, driving, or doing housework. It doesn’t require their full attention like reading articles or watching videos.

Because podcasts can seamlessly play in the background, listeners let the content run longer than other methods. There’s more opportunity for listeners to enjoy your content and more chances for them to absorb your information.

5. Social Media Crossover

Podcasts make for great social media content. You can post updates about upcoming pods and alerts when you release a new episode. These posts keep your account active and keep your followers engaged.

Listeners and followers can also discuss the episodes in the comment section and boost interactions. Not only can podcasts improve your socials, but your socials can also expose more people to your podcast.

6. Enhanced SEO Ranking

Written content isn’t the only way to help you rank higher in search results. Google and other popular search engines also prioritize podcasts when it comes to rankings.

Adding relevant keywords to the description of your podcast and episodes helps your ranking just like it does for articles. It’s a great way to draw more eyes to your brand and get an edge on your competition.

7. Earn Extra Money

Once your podcast gains some notoriety, you might have the chance to earn money through advertisement. Different sponsorships and ads tend to roll in once you build up a good amount of regular listeners.

You can also make extra money through paid interviews. That means that someone else in the industry pays to be a part of our podcast and speak to your audience.

Just make sure that the ads, sponsorships, and guests you accept have relevance to your audience and brand.

8. Easy Website Updates

If your ecommerce site doesn’t change often, people won’t have a reason to visit it. But posting show notes and episode links on your site keeps things fresh and gives people incentive to check back often.

Increased website traffic can help improve sales and also help improve your site’s ranking on search engines. If your site also links to things like your socials, you can build an excellent brand ecosystem that connects all your efforts.

9. Podcasting Is Enjoyable

Fun probably isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to advertising. But podcasting allows you to put your voice and creativity into building your brand. You get to talk about your passions to interested listeners all while growing your business.

If you go the route of interviews, it’s also a great way to build connections with like-minded people in your industry. Imagine boosting your sales by simply having meaningful conversations about the things you care about!

It might become your favorite way to promote your brand once you get the hang of the podcasting process. Just keep in mind that the success of your pod won’t happen overnight. But stay consistent, stay patient, and enjoy the ride as you gain a following over time.

The Value of Ecommerce Podcasts

Now you have 9 great reasons why ecommerce podcasts benefit business owners. You can start them on any budget and grow them at your own pace.

If all goes well, you’ll gain more eyes on your brand, improve your reputation, build industry connections, and even earn ad revenue. Take a look at our site’s finance and technology sections for more innovative ways to help your business thrive.