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A 6-Step Guide for Designing Solid Custom Beard Oil Boxes

by Digital World PVT LIMITED
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A jump into the stats reveals that the beard oil market in North America was valued at USD 5.6 billion in 2023, and it is expected to cross USD 9.8 billion by 2032. The CAGR for the beard oil market is 6.2%, showing huge opportunities for brands selling beard oils. However, competition is tough as well. What can brands do to stay ahead in the market? There is no denying that while the quality of a beard oil plays a vital role in making it a hit or flop, the packaging is also crucial. This packaging, also known as custom beard oil boxes, is often the first contact with a buyer.

This post is all about custom beard oil boxes. It explains how you can design them and also lists some of the benefits these boxes offer. Let’s delve into details and help you uplift your beard oil’s packaging game.

Step-by-Step Guide for Designing Custom Beard Oil Boxes

1.Target Market Research

An in-depth analysis of the target market is vital for all business processes. It also plays a crucial role in designing beard oil packaging. For example, studies have shown that a large number of millennials and Generation X men are spending heavily on beard care products. The idea here is not to push these buyers but rather to listen to their interests, preferences, and goals. Once you have this data, use it while designing the boxes, and you will see an instant boom in sales. 

2.Choosing the Latest Design Trends

The modern world is changing rapidly. Brands have to come up with designs that are relevant to current trends and styles. One way to do this is by ordering moderate quantities and not going for bulk orders. In this way, brands can introduce new packaging after some time. However, a complete revamp is not good.  Brands must stick with the core elements of the design while making changes.

3.Picking Attractive Fonts, Colors and Artwork

These elements of the design increase the visual appeal of the boxes. The general trend is that bearded people prefer masculine designs. You can go with fonts and colors like blue, black, red, and white. The artwork on the box must also portray a strong masculinity. This is the reason you see highly attractive men on most of the beard oil boxes.

4.Educating the Buyers

Another key element to consider while designing custom beard oil boxes is providing maximum information on the box. Brands can provide information about ingredients and their sourcing methods, usage instructions, and beard types (hair color and type). An excellent way to gain customer trust is to list the possible side effects of the boxes. This will create the impression that your brand doesn’t only care about profits; it also cares about people. 

5.Go for Green Packaging

Ensure that you only use eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. People who keep beards are generally nature-loving folks who prefer buying from green brands. These materials, such as Kraft and corrugated stock, are generally sturdier than simple packaging and provide protection during shipping.

6.Testing Before Mass Production

Once the design is ready, make sure you test it before going ahead. A detailed test can point out the flaws, if any, and give you a chance to evaluate your design before it is sent to printing.

Benefits of Custom Beard Oil Boxes

These boxes, when designed in the right way, can do wonders for your brand. Here are some benefits that reflect via an increase in a brand’s sales and customer retention.

Connect with Buyers

Custom beard oil boxes let you connect with customers. These boxes play the role of a silent salesperson who advertises your brand without saying anything. If the box’s design includes input from target market research, buyers are bound to notice it. It appears to buyers that the product is specifically designed for them. 

Overcome Brand Loyalty

Beard oil users are highly brand-loyal. The reasons are obvious; they can’t risk the health of their beard just for the sake of trying a new oil. Brands have to overcome this loyalty by offering better-quality products at the same price. Since shoppers can’t physically check the oil, packaging becomes a key player in prompting them to buy the oil. 

Protect the Oil Inside

Custom packaging provides maximum protection for the oil bottle. Beard oil bottles are made from glass and come with a dispenser at the top. A custom box made from durable materials like corrugated or Kraft stock ensures that the bottles don’t get damaged during shipping or on-shelf display. Brands can also opt for cushions and inserts for extended protection and durability. 

Leaves a Good Impression on Buyers

Even if the buyers don’t instantly purchase the oil after seeing a great packaging, it leaves a positive impression on them. This positive impression increases the chances of the oil being bought later on. It also reduces the hesitation for your other products among buyers.

Final Words: Why Are Custom Beard Oil Boxes Necessary for Brands?

People who keep beards are highly sensitive to the products they use. They don’t generally care about price when buying beard oil, color, or any other product. Beard oil boxes can help you gain a buyer’s trust and confidence. Once you have won over a customer’s trust with high-quality packaging, he will surely prefer your oil.

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