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A Brief Overview Of The Top 10 Forex Liquidity Providers

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Liquidity is crucial for any market since some studies show that economic crises are linked to a lack of liquidity. The suppliers of liquidity facilitate smooth market operations by linking up buyers and sellers. Selecting the correct supplier may pose a challenge, but it is crucial for active and profitable trading. 

Understanding Liquidity In Forex

The Forex market is a complex and dynamic environment, with numerous companies offering financial instruments and solutions to simplify trading. 

Forex liquidity refers to the ease of buying and selling currencies without affecting the exchange rate and is crucial for overall performance and efficiency, as it allows traders to execute buy or sell orders with minimal delay times. 

A large number of traders and financial institutions offer exchange and investment services, as well as the high demand for currencies like USD and EUR, creating high FX liquidity levels in the market. 

Best Forex Suppliers Of Liquidity

The top 10 list of liquidity providers in the FX market includes the following. 

  • B2Broker: a Prime of Prime multi-asset supplier that offers deep market liquidity across 1,000 products, margin trading accounts, and CFD trading for crypto, equities, and NDFs. 
  • FXCM Prime: a centralised FX liquidity company that offers a comprehensive package of services through an easy-to-use platform.
  • Advanced Markets: a US-based regulated provider that offers deep market access and advanced technology through various liquidity hubs. 
  • Invast Global: the company works with globally renowned brokerage firms, financial corporations, and hedge funds, covering 70 FX pairs and other energy products. 
  • IXO Prime: the company provides deep market liquidity through multiple Prime of Prime brokerages and financial corporations.
  • FXSpotStream: the firm connects providers with clients directly and easily through a network of over 10 liquidity suppliers. 
  • Morgan Stanley offers Prime of Prime brokerage and portfolio management services, covering a wide range of currency pairs and trading options.
  • X Open Hub: a FinTech liquidity and technology supplier offering solutions for over 5,000 instruments, including stocks, indices, ETFs, crypto, and FX. 
  • Leverate: the company provides a variety of technology and market access solutions for traders and brokerage firms, connecting clients with large liquidity pools with low slippage rates and tight spreads. 
  • Match-Prime: it offers liquidity services that incorporate simplicity and security, ensuring no hidden fees and high transparency.


The liquidity market is broad and keeps expanding, with many companies offering market access with tools and instruments to execute quickly and with minimum slippage.

Choosing the right partner can be challenging in light of the diversified options. Therefore, determine your needs and conduct due diligence before connecting your brokerage with different markets.