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A Comprehensive Guide To Travel Insurance Companies

by Busines Newswire
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When preparing for a trip, getting 여행자보험 is not an option, it’s a necessity. There’s been a lot of news lately about travel insurance being of little use in the field. Based on my 10 years of experience in the travel insurance industry, I’d like to explain why this is the case.

여행자보험 lack knowledge of country-specific healthcare systems

Travel insurance companies often don’t have sufficient knowledge of the healthcare systems in different countries, and this lack of knowledge results in an inability to provide practical guidance to policyholders in an emergency. Many travelers struggle to effectively navigate the healthcare system in a foreign country, and end up in a situation where they don’t receive the benefits they paid for.

Buy travel insurance for the country you’re traveling to

In countries like the United States and Canada, for example, local insurance companies work with regular hospitals. If a policyholder visits a hospital and urgently needs hospitalization or surgery, the hospital contacts the insurer and bills them for the medical expenses. This system allows patients to focus on their treatment without having to pay for it upfront. Since local insurers are familiar with the local healthcare system, they can provide practical guidance to patients.

Won’t it be difficult to file a local travel insurance claim?

Sign up where you can get help from a professional agent who speaks your language. Communicating with U.S. or Canadian insurers in English can be challenging, so it’s best to sign up with a brokerage firm that has Korean-speaking agents on staff to guide you through the process and even provide claims handling services. They can help you when you have trouble communicating with your insurer.

Real-life claim example: ER visit for severe stomach pain while traveling in Canada

One of the most common ailments while traveling is an upset stomach. Introducing new foods often puts a strain on the digestive system and causes an upset stomach. A 29-year-old traveler visited the emergency room after experiencing severe stomach pain during a trip to Canada. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything serious, but he was diagnosed with gastritis caused by new foods. The medical bill was approximately $3,339.76, which the hospital billed directly to the insurance company.

Hospital visit due to dizzy spells while visiting family

A 69-year-old traveler complained of dizziness while visiting family in Alberta, Canada. After a visit to the hospital, he underwent surgery to insert a stent due to a heart attack, and his medical expenses totaled $91,351. The traveler had an  해외여행자보험 policy that covered $50,000, which the insurer paid directly to the hospital.

Why travelers to developed countries should buy their own insurance

In the U.S., even Korean travelers are considered uninsured. Medical costs in the United States are very high, and if you don’t have insurance, it’s assumed that you can’t afford it. Because of this, patients’ treatment priorities may be pushed to the back burner unless they are insured by a US insurer.

What if you have travel insurance with a US insurer?

여행자보험 companies in the U.S. have good relationships with local hospitals, and most hospitals are part of the insurer’s network. When you show your insurance card, the hospital and the insurer communicate directly, so you don’t have to pay upfront to receive treatment.

The travel insurance industry is complicated by many factors, and it’s important to understand the details of your insurance policy and make sure it matches the healthcare system in your destination, especially when traveling to high-cost countries like the United States and Canada. This understanding can make a big difference in your travel experience, providing you with effective coverage and peace of mind when you need it.