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Add Cloud Storage to Your Mac with CloudMounter’s Power-Packed Features!

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Electronic Team, with 20+ years of expertise, pioneers user-friendly macOS utilities. Focused on affordability, they deliver top-rated solutions like Elmedia Player and Folx, which are loved globally. So, In this article, we discuss CloudMounter and how to Add Cloud Storage to Your Mac as a Local Drive.

Add Cloud Storage to Your Mac as a Local Drive

Finding the right Mac software becomes paramount in the fast-paced digital Circle, where efficient management of multiple cloud storage services is crucial. This is where CloudMounter emerges as the ultimate solution, seamlessly integrating various cloud accounts into your Mac’s local drives. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this ingenious tool, designed to transform your digital experience.


CloudMounter transforms your OneDrive experience, allowing you to map OneDrive accounts directly onto your Mac as local drives. Experience hassle-free file editing, copying, and online file navigation from your Finder.

Backblaze B2

Discover a smarter way to manage cloud storage with CloudMounter, an excellent alternative to traditional clients like Backblaze B2. Save precious hard drive space and connect to many services, including FTP, FTPS, and SFTP, effortlessly.


Embrace CloudMounter’s WebDAV client for secure online data encryption. With this feature, your files stored on remote servers and in various cloud storages, such as Dropbox, are protected, ensuring the utmost privacy.

Amazon S3

Gain seamless access to your Amazon S3 account, treating it like a native hard drive. CloudMounter offers advanced control, allowing you to mount the entire Amazon account or specific S3 buckets, making file management a breeze.


Unify your remote services with CloudMounter, connecting FTP, SFTP, and FTPS to your Mac as local drives. This centralizes your data management, streamlining access and eliminating the need for multiple applications.


With CloudMounter, connecting Mega to your Mac is a breeze. Enjoy a streamlined workflow as you manage multiple Mega accounts effortlessly, improving your overall digital experience.


CloudMounter offers a convenient way to manage multiple Dropbox accounts directly from Finder. Experience secure file transfers between your computer and Dropbox cloud accounts, thanks to CloudMounter’s encryption feature.

Google Drive

Find the convenience of mapping all your Google Drive accounts to your Mac with the Mac software CloudMounter. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling different platforms. CloudMounter allows you to seamlessly access and manage all your Google Drive files as if they were local, significantly boosting your efficiency.


CloudMounter extends its reach to pCloud, providing a comprehensive cloud solution. Connect pCloud to your Mac as a local drive and enjoy seamless file management.


CloudMounter acts as a unified hub for various cloud storages, including Box. Manage and organize your Box files effortlessly, creating a harmonious digital space on your Mac.

OpenStack Connections

CloudMounter doesn’t limit you. Expand your possibilities by connecting to OpenStack, and gaining access to a wide array of services and regions. The list continues to grow, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest cloud advancements.


In conclusion, CloudMounter is an indispensable tool that revolutionizes managing your cloud storage on Mac. Embrace its convenience, security, and efficiency, making your digital journey smoother. As you follow in the footsteps of satisfied users, rest assured that CloudMounter keeps evolving to meet your ever-growing needs.

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