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Advantages of Aluminum for Metal Stamping Manufacturer

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Aluminum is a versatile metal and is lightweight yet has exceptional strength. The main advantage of an Aluminum Stamping company is that the modern industry is increasingly relying on aluminum as the material for its parts and components. Again, there is a steady increase in usage of aluminum in modern industries particularly in medical industries, marine, automotive, electronics, aerospace, etc. The common alloys used in aluminum stamping are magnesium, iron, and copper. It means that aluminum adds specific properties when different types and amounts of alloying elements are present in it. The main characteristic and advantage industries get from aluminum is that it is good at casting and plastic machining performance. Again, there is good electrical and thermal conductivity and the alloy is corrosion resistant and is easily welded to make into suitable parts. It is again non-toxic and is easy to recycle.

Pure aluminum is rarely used by a metal stamping manufacturer and it is usually the alloy that is a mixture of other metals that are used to increase or decrease certain material properties. The alloys usually used are copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon, and zinc. However, the choice of alloys lies with that of the customer who wants it for a specific application in an industry.

Series of Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum alloys come in different series depending upon the type of alloy used and its content. The most pure form is the 1000 series. It is said to be 99% pure and therefore is easily used in the production process. Besides, this alloy is cheaper than other alloys. The other is the 2000 series which is slightly harder than the 1000 series and is generally known as aviation aluminum as it is rarely used for other industrial purposes.

The next is the 3000 series which is known for rust resistance and contains manganese. It is best used for aluminum stamping parts that have application in areas where rust can quickly form. The 4000 series belongs to the higher silicon series has a low melting point and is corrosion resistant. It is mainly used in building materials, forging, welding, and mechanical parts.

The 5000 series alloy contains magnesium and is often called aluminum magnesium alloy. It is of low density, high tensile strength, and high elongation. It is often used in the aviation industry. The 6000 series contains two elements and these are magnesium and silicon the alloy is good against corrosion and used for oxidation processes. The 7000 series is also used in the aviation industry for specific applications and the 8000 series is usually used by Metal stamping Company like TENRAL for producing plates, bottle caps, radiators, and a host of other applications

Importance of Metal Stamping

There is rarely any industry that doesn’t require smaller or larger-scale metal stamping parts. Among the leading manufacturers is Metal stamping china which extends its expertise and design making suggestions to clients worldwide. You can therefore source your requirements from TENRAL which is one of the best known metal stamping companies.

With numerous clients worldwide and aided with sophisticated equipment and highly skilled technologists you will quality products at very competitive prices.