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Asahi Silver Rounds – A Shining Hope for Smart Investors

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Silver has quite been a versatile precious metal worldwide. People have been mining and using it for money since before 4000 BC. Nowadays, it’s catching the eye as a tempting investment option. Silver has a solid history of holding up well when economies get shaky. If you want to start baby steps instead of buying bulky bars, here’s an expert suggestion: go for silver rounds. Asahi silver rounds are the best in this category regarding the intricacy of the design and purity of the silver. 

During this period of economic uncertainty, Asahi silver rounds stand out as an emblem of reliability and worth. As a result, they are an appealing option for savvy investors and collectors seeking to diversify their portfolios and safeguard their financial future. 

Let’s check some incredible facts about these rounds:

What are Silver Rounds?

There are some essential differences between rounds and coins. Even though they’re alike, these differences can affect what you want to go for. Rounds usually don’t cost as much as coins that weigh the same but are just as pure. Rounds are available in an array of styles and themes. Unlike coins, you can snag Silver Bullion rounds at the current silver price.

Unlike coins, rounds don’t come from governments. You will notice the country’s name on those “Classic Design” silver rounds. Manufacturers often get creative with their designs on rounds but must follow copyright rules. Usually, rounds don’t have a specific date or value, and they’re not officially money. The dealer’s reputation is what guarantees the silver’s quality in rounds. One such popular example of a high-quality round is the Asahi silver rounds.

Asahi Refining

Johnson Matthey, a big-time precious metals company that had been around since the 1800s, decided to step back from the refining operation in 2015. What is intriguing is that instead of simply disappearing, they chose to pass the torch to a new player known as Asahi Refining. And you know how they say, “out with the old, in with the new”?

Asahi Refining, a part of Asahi Holdings from Japan, took over Johnson Matthey’s operations in Salt Lake City and Brampton. Asahi Mint got approved as a responsible gold company and a London Good Delivery refiner. 

It is important to note that for silver bullion products to be classified as “good delivery”, they must meet specific criteria. These requirements include having the correct amount of silver, a particular size, and appropriate markings that include all necessary details. So, while Johnson Matthey stepped back, Asahi Mint and Refining stepped up to keep the silver bar business going. 

Stunning Asahi Silver Rounds

If you are thinking about investing in a 1 oz Asahi silver round, here are some top creations:

1) 1 oz Asahi Buffalo Silver Round

Consider purchasing the Asahi Buffalo 1 oz Silver Round Proof. It contains one troy ounce of .999 pure silver. On the front, you’ll find the profile of a Native American’s head, designed by James Earl Fraser. You will also find details like the word “LIBERTY” and the mint mark of Asahi Refining. 

On the other side, the iconic Black Diamond buffalo stands tall on a mound. They’ve etched in “ONE TROY OUNCE” and “.999 SILVER”. 1 oz silver Buffalo rounds are the perfect investment-grade bullion products.

2) 1 oz Asahi silver round

Introducing the new Asahi 1 oz Silver Round. This silver round boasts a sleek and captivating design. With the trusted Asahi Refining hallmark, you can be sure that Asahi silver rounds meet the highest standards. 

The obverse proudly displays the Asahi Refining logo and name at the center, surrounded by inscriptions like “1 OUNCE TROY. FINE SILVER 999.” The reverse keeps it simple with a repeating pattern of the Asahi logo. This silver round’s beauty comes from almost two centuries of trusted excellence.

3) 1 oz American Reserve Silver Round

Behold the American Reserve Bullion Silver 1 oz Round. This round carries the interlaced AR logo, representing silver mined in the USA. It features a unique rock-like background texture with crossed pickaxes. 

With a full troy ounce of .999 fine silver, the obverse displays the interlaced AR logo and indicates its fineness (999) and weight (1 troy ounce). The reverse features the iconic Bald Eagle- a symbol of strength.

Benefits of Investing in Silver

Silver’s physical presence as coins, rounds, or bars appeals to those preferring tangible assets. Here are some important benefits:

  • It has historical use as currency. 
  • Investing in silver offers portfolio diversification. 
  • During economic uncertainty, it moves independently from stocks and bonds. Unlike stocks, it’s not tied to company or government performance.  
  • As the value of currencies drops, silver often increases as an inflation hedge. It is a solid store of value due to its enduring value and scarcity. 
  • Its practical uses in electronics, jewelry, and other fields boost its appeal as a store of value. Silver’s demand and price are influenced by its industrial uses in electronics, solar panels, and medicine.
  • Affordable compared to gold, silver suits a wide investor range. It’s available in small amounts, like rounds. It allows flexible investment. It is a beginner-friendly choice.

Silver Coins vs. Rounds

The key difference between silver rounds and silver coins lies in their legal tender status. Coins possess a face value and are recognized as legal tender, serving as a currency manufactured by government mints. 

On the other hand, rounds, produced by private manufacturers, aren’t legal tender and are more like disk-shaped silver bars or modern versions of silver medals. Coins, on the other hand, tend to be pricier than regular silver rounds. Both silver rounds and coins have collectible value. 

Let’s Check Out Some Fun Facts About Silver

Besides the investment option, silver has many famous stories and properties, too!

  1. Silver is mentioned in the Bible, though not in the best light. Judas famously betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.
  2. Silver had mystical associations in early folklore and literature. Some believed that a bullet made of silver could defeat werewolves and other creatures with lycanthropy, even though it’s just fiction.
  3. Like the famous gold rush, there was an American silver rush in the mid-1800s. It was discovered in Nevada in 1858 and later in California by Henry Comstock in 1859.
  4. Silver is non-toxic and can be eaten. It’s even used in ornamental food decorations like icing.
  5. Medical equipment is coated with silver to keep it sanitary since silver is an effective germ-killer.
  6. It makes mirrors shiny since it is the most reflecting metal on Earth.
  7. The best conductor of electricity is silver. To effectively transport green energy, it is frequently used in solar panels.


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