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Asif Ali Gohar Discusses Traditional Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing

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As Asif Ali Gohar looks for new investors to help grow his vegan rice leather business, he is considering how traditional marketing compares to social media marketing in not only growing his customer base but also in finding new investors. With an influx of cash and knowledge from those who are interested in investing in his business, he plans to grow the product line, improve processes, and find new suppliers and distributors.

When using traditional marketing the conversation is one way. Information is provided by the advertiser and received by the consumer. There is no space to ask questions, provide feedback, or ask customers for their opinions. Thie method is ideal for sharing the best points of the business and gaining awareness in the community, but it doesn’t attract investors in an efficient or effective manner. It may gain their interest in a passing moment, but without a two way engagement it is often forgotten or passed over.

Social media offers a new way to advertise and to reach out to people in the community and around the world. By using social media to seek new investors there is another use and dimension to the process. It allows for those who see the reviews, posts, and products, to comment or message the business directly. In this way they can request more information immediately and engage in a conversation, exchange of information, and have contact with the brand. By answering questions and requesting follow up contact information, there is a much greater opportunity to open discussions and negotiations.

Considering growing their offerings, the Asif Ali Gohar is actively seeking new investors. He would prefer investors who are from his own areas, who are near enough to see the facility and engage in regular contact over what is occurring and what is needed. He is looking to gain partnerships and develop working relationships that will bring success and happiness to both parties. Social media allows for targeting specific countries and areas, and can allow the reach to be controlled. It allows a greater control for who will be receiving the information, and even allows for an opportunity for both parties to learn more about the other.

While social media can have its dangers and risks for any business, traditional marketing doesn’t have the ability to be as targeted and specific or to allow for two way conversations to occur. These are key factors in finding investors as well as growing a brand and developing ongoing working relationships. This tool is one of the ways in which Asif Ali Gohar is seeking the new investors who will help to revitalize the brand and allow for new product development to be accomplished faster and more efficiently.

Anyone who uses social networks primarily promotes one thing: the exchange with others. You can talk to friends and family around the world in real time, hassle-free and usually for free. Programs like Skype, Facetime, Google Meet or WhatsApp make this possible – and all you need is an internet camera on your computer or a smartphone. Another advantage of social media is that you can let off steam there and upload your own content. You can upload videos yourself on YouTube or Dailymotion and share them with others. Not only will you show off your creativity, but you can also build your own community.

On social networks you can simply enter names and find old school friends. The barrier to writing to someone you haven’t had contact with for a long time is much lower than calling them. Discussions in forums can be helpful or beneficial in many situations. If you have a question about a specific topic, you can ask several people at the same time and receive diverse opinions. If you are often on social networks, you also leave a lot of traces. If you are available at any time, everyone can participate in your life and sometimes learn more about you than you may realize.


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