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Astrologers’ Predictions for the 2024 US Elections Body

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The presidential election campaign is being watched not only in the US, but around the world. The US is currently embroiled in two hot wars, relations between the US and China have deteriorated, and tensions in the Asia-Pacific region have risen. Closer to home, passions are running high over migrants trying to enter the US across the border. Even astrologers have joined the discussion, emphasizing the possibility of a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, reports PythiaGuru article on fresh astrological revelations (or predictions).

Note: The outcome of an election from an astrological perspective depends on how the transits interact with each candidate’s natal chart and the collective astrological climate on election day, including significant planetary movements that can affect public sentiment and the electoral process.

A forecast [without mentioning politicians’ names] from AstroTwins: Tali and Ophi, astrology columnists for Elle, explore the astrological cycles affecting this November’s election. Twins draws attention to Pluto’s historic orbit in Capricorn, indicating significant implications for governance and judicial reform, especially regarding reproductive rights. The second prediction concerns societal transformation and innovation – the coming Age of Aquarius, marked by Pluto’s passage into the sign of Aquarius, promises a blending of the old and the new. Tali and Ophi also point to the potential chaos that artificial intelligence could bring to elections, as well as the sustained influence of large financial backers.

Adrian Ross Duncan’s Astrological Analysis

Astrowow’s Adrian Ross Duncan provides an in-depth look at the astrological aspects affecting both Biden and Trump. Biden’s chart (Scorpio sign) suggests a mix of challenges and favorable signs, with Saturn’s transit indicating national reservations about his continuation in office, while other aspects suggest resilience and potential favorability. Duncan notes the stress indicated by Uranus opposing Biden’s Sun-Venus conjunction, reflecting the frenetic pace of his campaign.

For Trump (Gemini sign), Duncan outlines a period of significant personal and legal challenges, with his progressed Ascendant moving into Scorpio. Yet, the transit of Uranus could bring unforeseeable developments that might play to Trump’s advantage or signify his influence on the political landscape.

Nov 5, 2024 – Election Day Astrology

The election day chart itself presents a complex picture. Venus’s opposition to Jupiter, particularly aligning with Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition, could be seen as advantageous to him or possibly signal a prominent female Republican contender. The chart setup at the opening of the polls suggests a traditional advantage for the incumbent, possibly favoring Biden, yet also indicates potential for disruption, which could be attributed to Trump’s impact.

Looking Beyond 2024: Post-election, the astrological landscape points toward profound global shifts. The Saturn-Neptune conjunction, Uranus’s transition into Gemini, and Pluto’s movement over China’s astrological points portend significant changes in governance, economic patterns, and technological advancements, setting the stage for a transformative era ahead.

Jessica Adams’ astrological view of the election of the next US president suggests focusing on common themes that could affect the outcome of the 2024 election.

The main question: The U.S. economy in 2024

Adams identifies the economy as a central battleground in the 2024 election, with astrological placements in Taurus and Scorpio emphasizing the critical importance of financial policy and stability. Cupid’s placement in Gemini offers a multifaceted perspective, suggesting that the next president is likely to favor technological advancement, strengthen international relations – especially with Canada – and support the automotive industry and public transportation.

What the Tarot says: The Knight of Coins

Through the lens of the Smith-Waite Tarot, the Knight of Coins stands as a powerful symbol for the future President of the United States. Resonating with the earthy essence of Taurus and the transformative energy of Scorpio, this tarot figure hints at a leader who is deeply invested in finance, agriculture, and infrastructure. The nuanced presence of Gemini indicates a president who will be adept at navigating the digital age.

Unraveling the Presidential Archetype: Jessica Adams invites a closer inspection of the Knight of Coins, suggesting that the details within the card may align with the traits of Sagittarius or Scorpio. This reflective exercise beckons us to consider the likely policy directions and political ethos of the emergent leader, blending astrological symbolism with tarot mysticism to forecast the political climate.

Donald Trump’s Astrological Outlook

Adams reiterates her earlier predictions regarding Donald Trump’s political trajectory, citing the American astrological chart as evidence of his fading influence. As the conversation returns to the economy, the alignment of Venus in Scorpio with Juno on Inauguration Day 2025 speaks to a significant economic pact, possibly heralding a closer fiscal union with Canada.

Juno’s role in the November 5 Elections

Juno’s astrological placement in Scorpio during the inauguration symbolizes a commitment to economic security and prosperity, similar to historical initiatives like the New Deal. Adams is again reflecting on the prospect of a stronger alliance with Canada, envisioning a partnership that promises mutual benefit and stability.

Adams also adds that the new President of the United States will pay more attention to economic issues, technological innovations and international cooperation.

On a personal note, while stars and artificial intelligence algorithms offer intriguing prospects, the heart of democracy lies in the power of the individual voice.