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Automation Testing: A Logical Solution to Make the Most of Coupa Platform

by Anamta bnn
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Coupa is a leading cloud-based business spend management platform that enables all-size organizations to manage their spending. This platform comes with many tools and services, including procurement, invoicing, and risk management. Coupa holds a market capitalization of $10 billion and is among the world leaders with over 3,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

Hence, the reason Coupa releases three main types of releases; major releases, maintenance, and daily updates. Therefore, Coupa automation testing becomes critical so that organizations can reap the maximum benefits and identify potential issues early. In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Coupa and why testing is crucial.

Coupa: A Platform of Opportunities

Coupa is a platform of opportunities and acts as an ally for streamlined spend management. Coupa is used by a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology, financial services, and more. Apart from this, it acts as a single, centralized platform for invoice management from suppliers. Thus, helping organizations optimize their cost and time associated with invoices. Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Nike are some of the notable customers of Coupa.

Types of Coupa Releases

Type 1: Major Releases

These releases occur in January, May, and September, with the sole purpose of enhancing the platform to meet evolving business spend management requirements. They introduce new features and functionality for users.

Type 2: Maintenance Updates

These updates ensure the consistent performance and stability of the Coupa platform. The prime objective of these updates is to address customer-centric problems, like technical issues, and execution of enhancements based on customer feedback. These updates are released every Friday.

Type3: Daily Updates

These updates are designed to deliver instant resolution and improvements to problems, such as system vulnerabilities, security concerns, performance bottlenecks, and much more. Whenever the daily updates come in, the Sandbox and production instances get updated simultaneously.

Test Automation: A Logical Solution for Coupa

The Coupa automation testing process is crucial and acts as a bulwark against the adversities caused by different updates released. Apart from this, automation testing becomes critical to reap the maximum benefits of the Coupa platform.

Early Identification of Potential Issues

Test automation enables the early recognition of issues; hence permitting comprehensive test coverage and also optimizing the time and cost associated with resources.

Reduce Risk

Coupa releases many updates, hence evaluating their impact on existing functionalities can become challenging through manual testing. Coupa automation streamlines the testing process and gives assurance to the customer to run tests rapidly and simultaneously.

Rapid Test Execution

Coupa updates involve system integration testing, user acceptance, and regression testing to ensure seamless compatibility and functionality. However, keeping pace with so many updates in one go is quite a daunting task, and test automation comes as a rescue. It handles the business processes in less time. For instance, automated tests can be run more rapidly and bugs and security vulnerabilities can be depicted and resolved earlier.

Opkey: A Leading Coupa Test Automation Tool

Opkey is one of the leading Coupa automation testing tools in the market. It is a codeless testing tool that streamlines the overall testing process by leveraging new-age technology, like AI. It encompasses key technical features that make it one of the most reliable Coupa automation testing platforms in the industry. Let’s see how the technical features of Opkey enable the effectiveness of automation testing.

No-Code Platform: As it is a codeless platform, no prior knowledge and experience in coding and programming is needed. Both IT and business users can create tests with a visual, drag-and-drop interface.

Test Mining Technology: This technology helps better manage the test data. Opkey can easily mine the master details, like employees, customers, suppliers, procure, pay, chart of accounts, and much more. This optimizes the efforts of the testing team by up to 40%.

Comprehensive Test Coverage: Opkey supports 14+ ERPs and 150+ technologies to deliver comprehensive risk coverage. Apart from this, Opkey encompasses 30,000+ automated tests; hence you need not start from scratch.

Facilitate Application-Wise Benefits: The other key technical features of Opkey, like self-healing test scripts, facilitate application-wise benefits, such as increased test coverage, easier regression testing, end-to-end testing, and the validation of complex scenarios.

For more information, visit the website and book a demo today.