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Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget – 9 Tips

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Muskegon is a beautiful city located on Lake Michigan’s eastern shore. The city experiences a humid continental climate characterized by cold winters and warm summers. Nestled in a picturesque landscape, it boasts abundant precipitation year-round, bringing its share of blessings and challenges.

One such challenge lies in the impact of high humidity on bathrooms. If neglected, the region’s lovely weather can make bathrooms susceptible to rust and mold formation. Regular upgrades become essential to combat these issues and maintain a fresh and healthy environment.

Even if your bathroom is clean, you can make small changes to make it a standout. How? By incorporating creativity and strategic planning, you can effortlessly turn your bathroom into a welcoming haven without incurring significant expenses.

We have made a list of budget-friendly ideas to give your bathroom a stylish makeover.

1) Upgrade your rusty tub

Due to Muskegon’s high humidity, your bathtub is prone to faster degradation, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and abundant mold. Consequently, replacing the tub after a few years becomes essential.

This simple action will swiftly transform your bathroom’s appearance. When considering Bathroom remodeling in Muskegon, don’t forget to get quotes and an ETA towards project completion.

Be sure to select a tub that complements your bathroom’s aesthetic. Opt for a modern, minimalist design to keep your bathroom on-trend and visually appealing.

2) Add a refreshing color

Painting your bathroom can be a transformative and budget-friendly project that breathes new life into the space. Opt for neutral and light colors to create a sense of openness and brightness. A neutral color scheme adds an elegant touch and allows for easy decor changes as trends evolve.

Remember to paint the ceiling and consider using mold-resistant paint to address moisture-related issues effectively.

Here are some additional tips to consider when you paint:

  • Before starting, thoroughly clean and dry the bathroom surfaces.
  • Select a paint that is moisture-resistant and designed to withstand humid conditions. Semi-gloss or satin finishes are best for bathrooms.
  • If your bathroom has experienced recurring mold or mildew problems, apply a mold-resistant primer before painting.
  • Open windows and use exhaust fans to allow fresh air circulation and aid in drying.
  • Before committing to a color, test a few samples on the bathroom walls to see if it resonates with what you imagine your bathroom to look like.
  • To add a unique touch, you can also create murals which are very common these days.

3) Change the hardware and faucets

Excessive humidity can cause faucets and fixtures to rust. Transforming your bathroom’s appearance into a modern and unified space doesn’t have to be costly. Simply update the hardware and fixtures for a significant impact.

Swap out old faucets, showerheads, and cabinet handles with stylish and budget-friendly alternatives at nearby hardware stores. Embrace trendy finishes like brushed nickel or matte black, which not only add a contemporary touch but are also easier to maintain than

4) Protect the wood

In humid environments, wooden elements like cabinets, vanities, and trim can face challenges as wood absorbs moisture from the air, leading to potential expansion, warping, or cracking. Preventive measures are vital to safeguard and maintain these components.

Protect your wooden cabinets by applying a coat of polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer to shield them against moisture. Seal with a topcoat to extend longevity, and regularly inspect the wooden elements for the slightest signs of moisture intrusion.

The most common woods used in the bathrooms are Teak, cedar, and redwood. They contain natural oils and resins that make them highly resistant to moisture and decay.

5) Shop savvy

Keep an eye out for sales, discounts, and clearance offers to save your budget when buying fixtures, tiles, or decor for your bathroom remodel. Sign up for newsletters or follow home improvement stores’ social media pages to stay informed about special promotions and exclusive deals.

There is no harm in buying second-hand items. You can discover a treasure trove of pre-owned bathroom items in excellent condition by exploring thrift stores, salvage yards, or online marketplaces.

These sources often offer quality products at more affordable prices, allowing you to find unique pieces that can add character and charm to your bathroom remodel. Carefully inspect the items and verify their condition before making a purchase.

6) Smart storage

Optimize your bathroom’s storage capacity without breaking the bank. Embrace floating shelves, over-the-toilet, or wall-mounted cabinets to utilize vertical space and keep your essentials accessible.

Organize toiletries, cotton balls, and small items with baskets, bins, or mason jars. Install hooks behind the door or on vacant walls to hang towels and robes efficiently.

Add a medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves to store medicines and grooming products. DIY an old furniture item to make storage cabinets for additional storage.

These cost-effective solutions ensure a well-organized and appealing space without compromising on style or your budget.

7) Lighten up your bathroom

Refresh the ambiance of your bathroom by upgrading light fixtures with energy-efficient alternatives. Opt for modern LED strip lights that offer an affordable yet stylish transformation. These sleek and versatile lights can be installed along mirrors, under cabinets, or around the bathroom’s perimeter for a subtle, contemporary glow.

LED lights not only consume less energy, but they also have a longer lifespan, reducing maintenance costs. This lighting upgrade will enhance the overall aesthetics and create a more eco-friendly and cost-effective bathroom environment.

8) Add details to the mirrors

Elevate the look of your bathroom instantly and cost-effectively by adding a decorative frame to your existing mirror. Choose a frame that goes well with your bathroom’s style, whether it is a sleek modern design, a rusted DIY project, or an ornate finish.

This time DIY can upgrade your mirror, adding character and visual appearance to the space. Additionally, consider incorporating backlighting behind the mirror or installing sconces on either side to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

9) Add More Greenery

Plants are known to improve air quality. Adding some greenery to your bathroom will also infuse the space with a soothing and revitalizing atmosphere. Opt for low-maintenance plants that thrive in humid conditions, such as Boston fern, spider plant, pothos, etc.


Remodeling your bathroom on a budget doesn’t mean compromising style or quality. This is doable if you make smart choices and bring out your inner artist. Get started and invite your friends to help you DIY items and give your bathroom its desired makeover.

However, some tasks should be left for the professionals to handle, so don’t compromise on the quality to save a small amount.