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Becoming Mechanics: Why Manual Jobs are the Future in the AI Era

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AI has turned the world on its head in the last few years. Many industries are being transformed as a result of AI, which is causing a great deal of stress and panic in many industries. Interestingly, it seems that many manual jobs like mechanics are gaining importance and are safer than many other types. This post will explore why skilled trades could be the future in the AI era.

The Limitations of AI in Mechanical Fields

People have always assumed that it would be the manual jobs that would get replaced first by AI, but it seems that the reverse is true. While many basic, repetitive tasks can easily be fully automated by AI, skilled trades like mechanics require an all-important human touch. Despite the incredible advancements in AI, it can be limited when it comes to complex and nuanced jobs in mechanical systems. Additionally, human intuition and problem-solving remain key in areas like automotive repair.

Rising Demand for Skilled Tradespeople

Interestingly, an economic shift has also led to a rising demand for skilled tradespeople. With many industries increasing AI adoption, there is a strong demand for those capable of maintaining and repairing automated systems. Additionally, there is a notable aging workforce in fields like mechanics, plumbing, and electrics. This means that there is a skills gap that needs to be addressed, which is why now is a good time for people to learn a trade.

Benefits of a Career as a Mechanic

So, what are the main benefits of a career as a mechanic? During a time when many people are losing their jobs to automation, a career as a mechanic can offer job security. The demand for skilled mechanics remains high, so this can also be a lucrative career path. A career as a mechanic could also allow you to be your own boss, while the hands-on nature of the work can be rewarding and interesting.

Training & Education for Future Mechanics

If you decide that a career as a mechanic is for you, there are a few ways into this field. You could take a course to develop the skills and knowledge required and/or find an apprenticeship to allow you to gain some hands-on experience. When working in the field, you want to make sure that you have the right tools for the job, including a high-quality ratchet set that will allow you to carry out all kinds of work.

With AI reshaping many industries and threatening many careers, it seems that manual jobs could be the safest. Now is a smart time to become a mechanic, as this field is relatively safe from AI automation, and there is a strong demand for skilled workers. A career as a mechanic can also be rewarding, lucrative, and interesting.