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Beellionaire Sol Club. Discover the new crypto meme club who will unite all meme coins lovers on the Solana ecosystem

by Anamta bnn
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In the vibrant world of cryptocurrencies, innovation and creativity never cease to amaze. Recently, a new crypto coin on the Solana network has emerged and is beginning to attract the attention of investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Its name is Beellionaire Sol Club. This coin combines the power of unite meme coins lovers with the robustness of the Solana blockchain, offering a unique and entertaining experience to users. As you see in the name of the coin, the club is represented with fun bees.

The Solana Advantage:

Built on the Solana blockchain, Beellionaire Sol Club leverages the scalability, speed, and low transaction fees inherent to the platform. With Solana’s high-performance infrastructure, users can enjoy seamless transactions and unparalleled efficiency, enabling a seamless user experience.

The Role of Beellionaire Sol Club in community Building:

Beyond serving as a source of entertainment, the Beellionaire Sol Club plays a crucial role in community building within the Solana ecosystem. Its goal is to become the number one and biggest community on the chain. By providing a platform for creative expression and fostering a sense of belonging with member cards, the club encourages active participation and engagement from community members of all backgrounds. This, in turn, contributes to a more vibrant and cohesive community that is passionate about advancing the goals of the club.

The rewards for Beellionaire Sol Club members:

Beellionaire Sol Club rewards its members when reaching market cap steps by giving big airdrops and making big burn of coins. 50% of the total supply will be burn! Burn decreases the number of coins in circulation. As the demand is increasing consistently, this pushes the price of the coin higher. The club is also actually discussing for partnerships who will be reserved for its members.

The Future of Beellionaire Sol Club:

As the Beellionaire Sol Club continues to gain traction, its influence is likely to extend beyond the confines of the crypto community. With an increasingly engaged audience, the club has the potential to shape narratives, influence perceptions, and spark conversations both within and outside the crypto space. Whether it’s providing lighthearted commentary on market developments or rallying support for community initiatives, the Beellionaire Sol Club is poised to leave a lasting impact on the broader cultural landscape of cryptocurrency.

Beellionaire Sol Club aim to become a real brand and has already made a partnership with a high-quality textile partner for exclusive merchandising articles for its members.

Team is also developing behind the scenes some utilities for its members.


100% secure, you don’t connect your wallet to become member.

Big burn. 50% of the total supply will be burned by 5% each MCAP reached.

Big airdrops! 0.5% each MCAP reached.

No presale.

Fair launch. No insiders. Raydium LP start the 12/05/2024 for EVERYONE at the same time.

100% liquidity pool will be burned.

Mint and freeze authority revoked.


Token address: 4vPDSyf2nSpPugMepzpCjutfdvgygaEFYU93Jfeu61JJ Ticker: $BEESC

Max Supply: 200B $BEESC Total Supply: 200B $BEESC

Circulating Supply: 200B $BEESC

Burn: 50%

Liquidity pool: 40%

Airdrop: 5%

Reserve for CEXs: 2.5% Club owner: 0.9%

Sponsors: 1,6%

Market cap steps:

Launch: 0.25% airdrop (Twitter) 1M$: 0.25% airdrop / 5% burn

5M$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn

15M$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn

25M$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn

50M$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn

100M$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn

150M$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn

250M$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn

500M$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn

1B$: 0.5% airdrop / 5% burn


As Beellionaire Sol Club gears up for its launch, excitement is building within the crypto community. With its innovative features, commitment to community, and Solana-powered infrastructure, Beellionaire Sol Club is poised to become a driving force in the world of decentralized finance. Whether you’re an experienced DeFi enthusiast or a newcomer to the space, there’s never been a better time to join the club and be part of something truly special.

Launch date of coin and club: 12/05/24


Website: https://www.beellionairesol.club 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/beellionairesol 

Telegram: https://t.me/beellionairesolclub 

Gitbook (doc): https://beellionairesolclub.gitbook.io/beellionaire-sol-club