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Best Websites & Mobile Apps for Students to Get Study Help

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Do you want to enhance your learning experience? In this digital age, students have a variety of resources to get study help for improved academic performance. There are several websites and mobile apps that are designed for students to boost their efficiency and provide them with quality learning materials.

Whether you need assignment help or academic help for exam preparation or learning new subjects, these platforms offer invaluable support to students throughout their academic journey. In this article, we have discussed the best websites and mobile apps that provide study help to students to increase learning and improve exam results.

Best Websites and Apps for Study Help

A little study help can boost your efficiency and academic progress to a great extent. Whether you are completing your assignments or preparing for exams, there are websites to help you study. Here are the best platforms where students can get academic help to make their educational journey relaxed and smoother. Scroll down and learn about the top study help websites for students.


If you are studying in the US, SolutionInn could be a great companion throughout your educational journey. Whether you need study help, free textbooks, or free study accessories, you can get them all from a single website. Moreover, the educational website has a solution library that contains answers to textbook questions. These are detailed and clearly explained answers that help students to better understand a concept.

The website provides study help to students on a wide range of subjects such as math, science, engineering, social science, business, and writing. Furthermore, the website provides quality textbooks on these subjects absolutely free. Visit the website and ensure academic excellence without breaking the bank.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a reputable website for study help that offers academic assistance for a wide range of subjects. The website is a great platform for learners of every age to learn and develop new skills and have a great and personalized learning experience. The website also provides resources to prepare for SAT and various other exams. From video lectures to interactive exercises, students can have interactive materials to enhance their learning and build concepts.


Getting a degree or certification without attending college is possible with websites like Coursera. The service provider collaborates with top universities and educational institutions to offer online courses. These courses cover an array of subjects including business, computer science, and humanities among others. Most of these courses are free of cost but you have to pay a nominal amount for certification.


Quizlet is another effective application for students to enhance their learning experience. With the study help app, they can create quizzes, study guides, and digital flashcards for interactive learning. The app also allows students to access an immense library of user-generated study materials. The games and audio-based learning make studying more engaging and enjoyable as compared to conventional practices.


Whether you are completing your assignment or writing an essay, Grammarly is a great study help tool to improve your writing tasks. This powerful tool helps you detect grammatical mistakes and plagiarism and offers suggestions for writing clarity and improving sentence structure. If you are interested in sharpening your writing skills, you must give this tool a try. Install a web extension or use the desktop app for an improved writing experience across various platforms.


Do you need an app to take notes more effectively? Try Evernote and organize your study materials more efficiently with digital notebooks. The study app also allows users to clip web pages, add images, and sync notes across various devices. Moreover, you can digitize your handwritten notes and keep track of research and study materials in an organized way.

The Bottom Line

Study help websites and mobile apps have revolutionized the way students learn and acquire resources. Websites like SolutionInn help students to enhance their learning experience and explore free resources to make the most of their educational journey. Use these study tools more effectively and strike a balance between e-learning and conventional classroom experiences.