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Best YouTube Video Downloader – Save Shorts & More

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Our free online YouTube video downloader tool allows you to download YouTube Shorts videos and more in HD quality straight to your device. No watermarks, limits or registration required.

YouTube Shorts are the latest viral video craze – vertical clips made for mobile. Our specialized downloader lets you rapidly save any Short, so you can watch it later without an internet connection.

Beyond Shorts, our website supports grabbing any YouTube video in top quality. So you can use it as an all-purpose YouTube video downloader.

Meet YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are a hot trend reimagining online video in bite-sized vertical form ideal for mobiles – like TikTok. Our YouTube video downloader is customized to save Shorts for watching offline and sharing these tiny videos.

Part of why Shorts took off so quickly is YouTube built creation tools right into their app. Anyone can film a 60 second clip on their phone, overlay effects and music, then upload it instantly. The simplicity in making and discovering new Shorts feeds engagement.

Since YouTube Shorts don’t allow native downloads yet, our specialized YouTube video downloader solves that problem. We optimize specifically for fast and secure Shorts saving.

Powerful YouTube Video Downloader

While made for Shorts, our free website tool downloads far more than just those vertical vids. Use it as a full-service YouTube video downloader!

No matter the type, our intelligent system detects videos and rips audio & video components into a portable MP4 file. Preserving maximum quality for brilliant offline playback.

Key Features of Youtube Shorts Downloader

Our Shorts downloader has the following standout features:

Rapid Downloading

algorithms to download a Shorts video in seconds. As soon as you click the download button, our servers fetch the video file, convert it to MP4 format while preserving quality, then send it directly your device. We spent months refining our system to achieve industry-leading speeds.

Total Security

All connections to our site are encrypted with bank-level HTTPS protocol. We implement additional measures like automated penetration testing and open bug bounties. We never store user data or tracking info either. You can download safely with peace of mind.

Unlimited Use

-Unlike other tools that limit how many videos you grab per day, our downloader places no caps on downloads. Our powerful cloud infrastructure handles demand spikes to support unlimited Shorts saving. We autoscaling our capacity to match growth. Some users even download over 100 Shorts a day with us!

HD Quality 

 When fetching Shorts, you can choose between multiple resolution options like 720p HD, 1080p FHD or even up to 4K. Most Shorts are vertical, so we optimized for that aspect ratio. After downloading, you retain maximum pixels and visual fidelity for crisp offline viewing.

Free Forever

We are committed to keeping our Shorts downloader 100% free to use with no signup required. There are no hidden fees now or in the future. We may offer premium features but the base experience will always be gratis because we want more people enjoying Shorts!

Easy Interface – Our tool is designed for simple hands-on usage. Just enter the URL of the desired Shorts video, select a resolution, then hit download! We abstract unneeded complexity. For mobile, bookmarks our site and it operates just like an app.

As a young startup, we move fast and release frequent product updates based on user feedback. Please share how we can improve. Trying new vertical video creativity tools? Our YouTube Shorts Downloader will be here to help you save and manage the content you create!

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are vertical videos under 60 seconds in length. They mimic short-form apps like TikTok with fun user-generated bite-sized video content. Shorts exploded in popularity thanks to being natively built into the YouTube app. Anyone can produce them right from their phone.

Shorts remove barriers for creators since high-end gear isn’t required. Simply use your mobile device to record a quick funny or interesting moment, add text captions & music, then publish to YouTube. This intuitive creation process fueled Short’s rise.

But what do people even make Shorts about? Popular topics include pranks, cooking tutorials, dancing/lipsync videos, comedy skits, product reviews and more – the possibilities are endless! Hashtags help Shorts videos be discovered. The #Shorts hashtag in particular makes the videos prominent when searched.

Major reasons for Short’s success:

  • Creation is easy & accessible
  • Vertical orientation ideal for phones
  • Length fits modern short attention spans
  • YouTube distribution reaches millions

So in summary – Shorts represent the latest evolution of online video. Our Shorts downloader helps you access these cutting edge videos offline!

How to Make YouTube Shorts Video

Creating YouTube Shorts is designed to be easy and accessible to spur more video creativity. The process involves just a few steps, optimized for mobile:

  1. Open YouTube Camera
  • Tap the YouTube app icon on your iPhone or Android device
  • Click the camera (+) icon in the upper right
  • Select “Create a Short” rather than longer-from upload
  1. Record Vertical Video
  • Shorts must be vertical for mobile so flip phone sideways
  • Hit record button to capture up to 60 seconds of footage
  • Be steady & stable when filming. Use phone tripod mount if needed
  1. Edit Your Short

YouTube provides an integrated custom editor adding effects, text and more.

  • Import clips to edit timeline
  • Trim/rearrange video portions
  • Enhance color, contrast etc
  • Attach relevant stickers or GIFs
  • Add background music from library
  • Insert stylized captions/text
  1. Finalize Details
  • Craft an engaging title & description
  • Use targeted tags & hashtags
  • Geotag location if relevant
  • Set thumbnail image
  • Add end cards/elements
  1. Cross-Promote Content
  • Link Short from YouTube profile/channel about section
  • Promote Shorts via Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc to drive views
  • Interlink with long-form YouTube uploads
  1. Analyze Performance

YouTube Studio Analytics shows how each Short is resonating:

  • Impressions
  • Watch time metrics
  • Traffic sources
  • Demographics
  • Comments

Use learnings to refine approach over time, as with any YouTube content.

The great thing about Shorts is that the entire creation to publishing process occurs on mobile. Shooting great vertical video content doesn’t require expensive gear or desktop editing. Express your creativity anywhere!

Essential Downloading Tips

Optimizing your YouTube video downloader experience takes only basic guidance:

Mobile Shortcuts – Bookmark our site to your phone homescreen for 1-tap access just like an app. Easily save Shorts on the go!

Share Downloads – Send saved videos to friends via text, email, social media and more. Show off awesome Shorts you found!

Playlists – Download full YouTube playlists rather than just individual videos for batch saving. Great for music!

Legality – Be mindful of copyright. Avoid re-uploading others’ content without permission. But enjoying downloads personally is fine!

Our promise: We’ll continually upgrade our YouTube video downloader with more incredible capabilities for saving and managing online video. Stay tuned!

What is Y2mate?

Y2mate is the name of our free online YouTube Shorts downloading service. We built it from scratch specifically to address the rising demand for saving and managing Shorts videos offline.

When YouTube introduced Shorts in 2020, they exploded faster than anyone expected. The short-form vertical videos tapped perfectly into smartphone lifestyles and modern attention spans.

However, YouTube didn’t incorporate functionality for natively downloading Shorts to devices or cloud storage. Understandably, given how rapidly the product scaled.

But that created massive consumer demand for a specialized Shorts downloader tool. So our team of engineers built Y2mate – the premier destination for fast, unlimited and secure Shorts downloading totally free.

We designed every aspect completely around effortless Shorts saves:

  • Optimized processing pipelines
  • Rapid backends with redundancy
  •  Future-proof scalable infrastructure 
  •  Placeholder thumbnail preview
  •  Intuitive mobile interface

The name Y2mate combines “YouTube Shorts” and the action of downloading – neatly summarizing our single-purpose mission!

Millions of people now rely on Y2mate everyday to batch download Shorts to rewatch offline or share with friends & family offline via messaging apps, cloud drives and more.

How Can I Download Youtube Shorts Video on my Android Devices?

It’s very easy to use our downloader on your Android. Just open your Chrome browser, go to Y2mate.com, copy and paste the URL of the YouTube Short you want to download into the input field, select your desired video quality, and hit the download button. Then simply access the downloaded Shorts video file on your Android device file manager in the downloads folder. Quick & easy!

How Many Shorts Can I Download?

A common question we get is “How many Shorts can I download?” Well, prepare to be amazed – our tool places zero limits on how many YouTube Shorts videos you can save!

Most downloader tools restrict users by capping daily or monthly downloads. We realize that kind of friction ruins the experience… It’s no fun being blocked from grabbing an awesome Short to watch again later just because some arbitrary counter expired!

That’s why our service’s backend infrastructure and video processing pipelines are specially engineered to support unlimited, high-volume Shorts downloads.

Our cloud servers autoscale to match demand spikes from millions of users. So go crazy – download 5, 10, 50 or even 100+ Shorts per day if you want! Our advanced systems won’t bottleneck. We know Shorts are best when you have unlimited access.

We’re so confident, we even have power users that have downloaded over 20,000 Shorts and counting over the years without issues. With petabytes of bandwidth, enjoy all the viral Shorts you desire!

Is Y2mate Compatible With PCs and Mobile Devices?

We built our Shorts downloader for seamless compatibility across all major platforms and devices:

Desktop OS:

  •  Windows 10 and 11 
  •  Latest MacOS versions

Mobile OS:

  • Android 9 or higher 
  • Any iPhone with iOS 13+


  •  iOS and Android tablets 
  • 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet hybrid devices
  •   Microsoft Surface products

Our development team ensures ongoing support for new operating systems as they release updates. We also make regular improvements so older OS versions retain compatibility.

The bottom line – no matter your device type, mobile vs desktop, or age – our YouTube Shorts downloader will work smoothly! We engineered it for total cross-platform functionality.