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Big Win for Victims: Investirex & Comision De Fraude Faces Asset Freeze by CCI

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Following a recent investigation, CCI has taken a decisive action by freezing the assets of two entities synonymous with investment fraud and deceptive practices – Investirex and Comision De Fraude, marking a pivotal moment for victims who have suffered at the hands of these fraudulent schemes. During a recent interview, Mark M. Johnson, head of the operation and forensic expert at CCI shared valuable insights into the ongoing investigation and assured victims of guaranteed return of their investments.


Investirex is a trading platform that claimed to offer high returns and guaranteed profits to its clients. The company targeted individuals from various countries, convincing them to invest their hard-earned money in their trading platform. However, investigations by CCI revealed that Investirex was a fraudulent company that did not have the necessary licenses to operate as a trading platform. Many investors fell prey to this scam, resulting in significant financial losses.

Similarly, Comision De Fraude, a supposed fraud recovery firm working in conjunction with Investirex, claimed to help victims of financial fraud recover their lost funds. However, investigations by CCI revealed that the company was, in fact, a fake company that did not have the capabilities or resources to recover any lost funds. Their modus operandi often included targeting individuals with promises of recovering lost funds from previous fraudulent schemes, only to disappear once they had their hands on the victims’ money. This resulted in further losses for victims who had already fallen prey to financial scams.

Mr. Mark revealed that CCI had been monitoring the activities of these companies for quite some time. CCI received several complaints from victims who had invested their hard- earned money in these companies and got scammed. After thorough investigations, it was

found that both companies were involved in a closely connected intricate web of fraudulent activities.

As a result, CCI has ordered an immediate asset freeze on the companies, barring them from carrying out any further business activities. This means that all their assets, including bank accounts, properties, and investments, will be frozen until further notice. This move by CCI aims to prevent the companies from dissipating assets and ensure that the victims are compensated for their losses.

The Move by CCI

CCI, a leading global fraud recovery and investigative firm took swift action against both Investirex and Comision De Fraude. CCI first issued a warning to investors to refrain from dealing with these fraudulent entities. This was followed by a thorough investigation into their operations, which uncovered their illegal activities. Finally, CCI took the necessary step of freezing the assets of these companies to prevent them from further defrauding innocent victims.

This move by CCI is a significant victory for victims of financial fraud. Many individuals who invested their hard-earned money with Investirex and Comision De Fraude can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that CCI is working to recover their lost funds. The asset freeze will also ensure that these fraudulent companies are unable to continue their operations, preventing further victims from falling prey to their scams.

Message to Similar Companies

Moreover, the actions taken by CCI serve as a strong message to other fraudulent entities that the financial market is tightly regulated, and such illegal activities will not be tolerated. This will deter other fraudsters from attempting to defraud innocent individuals, safeguarding the interests of investors.

CCI’s actions also highlight the importance of due diligence and caution when dealing with financial companies. It is crucial for investors to research and verify the legitimacy of a company before investing their money. This will help prevent falling victim to scams like Investirex and Comision De Fraude.

Mr. Mark also emphasized that CCI has a dedicated team of experts who work tirelessly to protect the investors’ interests. The team has been successful in identifying and cracking down on other fraudulent companies in the past, and this latest action against Investirex and Comision De Fraude is another step towards eradicating such fraudulent practices from the trading industry.

In a time when scams and fraudulent activities are rampant, CCI’s action against these companies is a ray of hope for victims. It is a victory for all those who have been struggling to get their money back and have been left helpless by such companies. This move by CCI will undoubtedly restore the faith and confidence of investors in the trading industry. It also sends a strong message that CCI is actively committed to protecting the interests of victims.


In conclusion, the recent asset freeze of Investirex and Comision De Fraude by CCI is a big win for victims of financial fraud and is a significant step towards ensuring justice for victims of fraudulent trading activities. It is also a warning to other fraudulent companies operating in the market. This action by CCI will not only provide relief to the victims but also act as a deterrent for companies that engage in illegal and fraudulent activities as it serves as a reminder that fraudulent activities will not go unnoticed, and necessary actions will be taken to protect innocent individuals. May this event serve as a catalyst for positive change in the realm of investment protection and market integrity.