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Biography – Artistic of Sapiyossi A very influential personality in music

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Sapiyossi “Pseudonym” Jonatão Katchitetele Eliseu, is  Angolan singer and composer who was born on November 11, 1987, in Viana, Luanda, Angola, Africa. He is currently living in Belgium, in Brussels. He is 170cm tall and his marital status is single. He plays multiple roles as a singer, composer, dancer, choreographer, and legal representative of Kuduro in Europe. He is also an ambassador for the ONG LINÁLIA, and he has digital distribution music abilities like website design and graphic design skills.

Educational Framework: 

He studied at VUB Vrije University of Brussels in 2019 and 2020. He learned about Languages and Literature courses through he got commands on six different languages: Portuguese, Umbundu, French, British English, Basic Spanish, and Dutch.”

Early Life and Family:

The Father of Sapiyossi is Mr. Eliseu Fadário Kapitango who served in telecommunications. Sapiyossi is the father of a girl and two boys. Identity cards do not show your exact birth records and locations. He was born in a period of turmoil in the division between the provinces of Cuanza Sul, Huambo, and Bié.

Sapiyossi’s father is Mr. Eliseu Fadário Kapitango, who served in military services during the war, and his mother is Benita Jonatão, a Captain, and a retired doctor. Sapiyossi is the father of a girl and two boys.

The reality is that he was born in a period of turbulence in the division between the provinces of Cuanza Sul, Huambo, and Bié.

Musical Performance:

Sapiyossi started his career in 1997 in the music industry when he was 10 years old. Initially, their songs were recorded on Panasonic and surround radios, on cassette tapes. He used different instruments like bottles, drums, buckets, cans, and whistles.

In 2002, He decided to follow their passion and give a message of freedom, love, and hope after the war.

Global Standout:

“Sapiyossi attained recognition and achievement on a national and worldwide level. He became well-known in Lusophony when he represented Angola at the VII CPLP Young Creators Biennial, which was held from July 17–21, 2015, in Mozambique, Maputo, Matola, and Machava. In this view, he praised the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Angola) and His Excellency, the Minister of Sports, Dr. Gonçalves Muandumba, Dr. Maricel, Dr. Aguiar, Eng. Massangano Domingos, Dr. Africano, Dr. Inocêncio, and the full executive Angolan cast were picked for this Lusophone event. The occasion was widely covered by foreign media outlets, including TV Zimbo, Rádio Vaticano, África 24 Digital, TPA1 national television in Angola, and TPA2 foreign.

The Democratic Republic of Congo visit (DRC):

“Sapiyossi performed an international tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from October 21 to November 10 of the same year, with performances in Kamako, Tshikapa, and Kinshasa.” Several local artists participated in the tour, which was reported on via local media organizations like TV Tshikapa, Radio Tshikapa, and Radio Kamako.

Challenges and Malicious Exploitation:

From 2015 to 2017, a talented artist embarked on various tours in different provinces, beginning with Luanda, Catete, Dundo, Malanje, Luanda South and North, Mexico, Kwanza Sul, Benguela, Huambo, Bié, among others. His performance received support from the Angolan press in its entirety, but he was also exploited several times by other malicious artists.

In 2018, he performed concerts in five different countries: Portugal, Spain, France, and Netherlands, and finished in Brussels, Belgium.

Accomplishments : 

From 2015 to 2017, he participated in several national competitions in Angola. 

These achievements prove his position as an important player in the Angolan music scene by showing not only his vocal skills but also his artistic feelings. 

The individual has achieved international recognition, including representing Angola at the VII CPLP Young Creators Biennial 2015. 

He also received a diploma of merit during the Fisherman’s Fair Festival, in honor of the 73rd birthday of the Former President of Angola: José Eduardo Dos Santos, in Porto Amboim 2015. In different competitions, He also won the Best Singer of Angola in 2009 and the Best Singer and Dancer in 2006.

2018 Migration to Europe: 

He went to Brussels, Belgium, beginning a new era in his career.

Conversation and Press Attention:

Press and media organizations that Sapiyossi has been previously interviewed for comprise Rager Music, NyBreaking, Tarmac, Rtl, Hold On Angola, Angoportal, Galeria de Arte Lusófona, Rádio Panik, Globe Aroma, www.philinfo.bé, Jornal de Angola, TPA1, TPA2, TV Zimbo, Rádio Viana, Rádio Mais, Rádio Nacional de Angola, Rádio Escola, Rádio Ecclesia, Rádio Luanda, Rádio Despertar, Revista Musical, Tchilar, Semper a Subir, Afro Music Channel, Rtp international, Euro EuroNews and others.”

Current Titles: 

Zukuma, in addition to being a new musical style he created on June 29, 2022, also appears as his independent label, which has a challenging title (I don’t have Money).

Music Genre: 

Zouk, Kuduro, Kizomba, Kwassa, Kompa, and Mapiano are a few examples of Zukuma. The enjoyable, fantastic, and creative melodies and beats that distinguish the Zukuma Style generate a current, distinct artistic ambiance, and he is recognized as a great singer.

Label Zukuma:

It is significant that “Zukuma” has become recognized as an independent label distinct from the artist. He created it in Brussels, Belgium on December 23, 2023, combining all aspects of dance and music.

Recent articles and interviews:

Rager Music, NyBreaking, Newsbreak, Hold On Angola, and AngoPortal. Please click on the link provided to get the latest updates.

Composing Music:

Dada Studios composed the masterpiece, and CF Production meticulously produced the music video. The project required sixty experts.

Sapiyossi’s Aim:

Sapiyossi’s mission is to inspire positive change and unity through music, spreading peace, love, freedom, and hope. He aims to build cultural bridges through musical fusion and celebrate diversity, establishing positive connections between different communities. His new musical style, “Zukuma,” explores creative possibilities and contributes to contemporary musical trends.

Related Works of Solidarity:

Sapiyossi, an African musician, is actively involved in fundraising efforts through his music and engaging in interviews and events. His artistic objective is to inspire positive change in society beyond entertainment. His Instagram following aims to reach young people, creative adults, and music lovers, as well as media outlets and journalists seeking unique visual experiences.

Copyright Society: 

He contributes to the “Sabam” copyright society.

Final message:

Sapiyossi, a social media platform, has experienced massive consumption, showcasing its commitment to social media and surprise. The company is eagerly anticipating further developments in the coming months.