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Book Hotels and Go Adventurous: Tours With Locals Using Hostelworld.

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Whether you want to explore the colorful street art of Melbourne with a local artist, learn to cook authentic Pad Thai in Bangkok, or hike through the lush forests surrounding Rio de Janeiro with an experienced guide, Hostelworld has you covered. Their highly-rated tours offer small group sizes, handpicked local hosts, and the chance to make new friends from all over the globe. It’s the perfect way for budget-conscious travelers and adventure seekers to create lasting memories without breaking the bank.

Discovering Hidden Gems: Tours With Locals Using Hostelworld

Ready to get off the beaten path and experience your destination like a local? Hostelworld offers unique tours run by locals in over 170 cities worldwide. Forget typical tourist traps – these tours showcase the hidden gems only locals know about.

Discover hidden bars, tucked-away cafes, street art, and city secrets. Try unique foods and drinks that are not listed on standard menus. Get recommendations from locals on the best places to eat, drink, and explore. The friendly guides provide cultural insights and share personal stories about what life is really like in their city.

Tours range from free walking tours to multi-day excursions. There are options for all interests like food tours, bar crawls, cycling tours, and more. Many tours are highly-rated on Hostelworld and offer an authentic way to explore a new place with like-minded travelers.

Experience the Authentic Side of a City: Tours With Locals Using Hostelworld

Want to experience the authentic side of a city you’re visiting? Local tours are the way to go. Hostelworld offers tours run by locals in cities around the world, letting you dive into the culture with an insider’s perspective.

Using Hostelworld, you can book tours with knowledgeable locals who will show you their city like a friend would. Forget crowded tourist traps and discover hidden gems only the locals know about. Whether you want to explore street art, sample local cuisine, go hiking, or learn about the history, there’s a tour for you.

Locals will share personal stories and insights into daily life. You’ll get to chat with them and ask questions, learning what it’s really like to live in that city or country. The small group sizes mean you can make personal connections and new friends with like-minded travelers.

Go on, live like a local! Book a tour with Hostelworld today.

FAQ: Tours With Locals Using Hostelworld

Many people have questions about booking tours with locals through Hostelworld. Here are some of the frequently asked ones:

Do I have to stay at a hostel to book a tour?

No, you do not need to be a guest at a hostel to book a tour on Hostelworld. Anyone can book tours through their website or mobile app.

What kinds of tours are offered?

Hostelworld offers a huge range of tours with locals all over the world. Some options include:

  • Food tours: Try local cuisines and visit markets.
  • Walking tours: Explore cities on foot with a local guide.
  • Day trips: Visit nearby attractions and natural wonders.
  • Nightlife tours: Experience the nightlife with a local.

How do I find and book a tour?

1. Go to Hostelworld.com or use their mobile app

2. Select the city or country you want to visit.

3. Click on Tours & Activities

4. Browse the tour options or use filters to narrow down choices by category, price or ratings.

5. Select your desired tour and check availability for your travel dates.

6. Complete the booking by paying online. You’ll receive an e-ticket with meeting details for your tour.

Any tips for the tour?

Come prepared for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. Bring any essentials listed in the tour details. Show up a few minutes before the scheduled meeting time. Most importantly, bring an open and adventurous spirit! Enjoy your tour.


So whether you’re looking to explore hidden gems, eat authentic cuisine, or simply connect with like-minded travelers, Hostelworld has a tour for your adventure. Their local guides open a window into the soul of a city that you just can’t get from a guidebook. Forget the tourist traps and pre-packaged experiences – go off the beaten path with a local by your side. You’ll come away with memories to last a lifetime, new friends from around the globe, and a deeper understanding of the place you came to discover. What are you waiting for? Pick a destination, book a tour, and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget. The world is calling – go experience it!