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In today’s competitive and crowded market, businesses needs to make themselves different and visible. One of the effective technique to make you brand different and visible in the market is by using custom insert packaging solutions. Custom packaging inserts can help you to boost your brand’s image, increase customer reliability, and to create an unforgettable experience of unboxing.

What are Custom Packaging Inserts?

Custom packaging inserts are custom-designed packaging materials used to protect and organize your products during shipping and storage. They can be made from different materials, such as paperboard, cardboard, Kraft and luxury rigid and can be designed in any shape and size as per specific product.

Benefits of Custom Packaging Inserts

Using Custom packaging inserts have many benefits. It will help you in increasing popularity of your brand. It will give your product extra protection and keep it organized and avoid your product from any damage during shipping and storage. Custom packaging inserts improve customer experience by providing good presentation of product.

Designing Effective Custom Packaging Inserts

You can make custom packaging inserts effective by designing them with the following design tips:

  • By keeping it simple
  • By using high-quality materials
  • By matching it to your brand’s color theme and logo
  • By ensuring easy product removal
  • By using eco-friendly materials
  • By using custom inserts for multiple products
  • By using inserts for product instructions
  • By using inserts for promotions and discounts

How Custom Inserts Packaging Can Boost Your Brand’s Image

Custom inserts packaging can boost your brand’s image in many ways:

  • Professional Appearance: Custom inserts packaging gives your products a professional and premium look, making your brand visible in the market.
  • Reliable Branding: Custom inserts packaging allows you to maintain reliable branding across all your products, strengthening your brand popularity.
  • Product Showcase: Custom inserts packaging supports you to display your products in an attractive and organized method, highlighting their features and benefits.
  • Personalized Touch: Custom inserts packaging allows you to add a personalized touch to your packaging, making your customers feel valued and appreciated.
  • Experience of Unboxing: Custom inserts packaging creates an impressive experience of product unboxing for your customers, encouraging them to share their experience with others.

Case Studies

Many companies have seen major improvements in their brand popularity and customer increase after using custom packaging inserts to their product packaging. Because these inserts secure products in shipping and keep them organized.

Tips for Effective Custom Packaging Inserts

  • ·         Use inserts to tell your brand’s story
  • ·         Use inserts to highlight product features
  • ·         Use inserts to provide product instructions
  • ·         Use inserts to offer promotions and discounts
  • ·         Use inserts to promote social media engagement
  • ·         Use inserts to collect customer feedback
  • ·         Use inserts to provide warranty information


Custom packaging inserts are a simple and effective technique to increase your brand’s image. By using custom inserts into your packaging, you can create an impressive experience of product unboxing for your customers, increase brand popularity, and separate yourself from competitors. Remember, the product packaging makes the first physical interaction of you brand with your customer. Consider it important and select the right design and theme, custom packaging inserts can take your brand to the next level.