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Bottle Labels for Daycare

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Aside from patience, one of the major things you need to be when you are a parent is organized and efficient. Being a good parent is tough enough as it is and if you are not organized or efficient in your approach to child raising you’ll constantly feel stressed and running behind.

We can’t help you with the patience part but we can offer you an easy solution to help stay organized and efficient. Make your own bottle labels for daycare. It’s easy to do, they are available in any shape you can imagine. Labeling your kids bottles, clothes, toys, etc. makes  pickup from daycare easier and gets you home and on with your day faster. Don’t waste time with standard looking daycare bottles labels, make a unique one for your child that stands out from across the room. Standard daycare name labels are rectangular in shape around 2” by .25” but that doesn’t stand out amongst the twenty kids bottles on the table when you’re picking up your kid. What does stand out is a bottle with an alligator shaped sticker on it with your kids name and your phone number on it.

There are all sorts of pre-made designs of common animals like dogs, cats, elephants, lions, even rocket ships and race cars. Custom shaped daycare labels can even be made from a photo or image you have. If you want to really be creative you could make a daycare label with a photo of your child and their name and your contact information. Here are a few unique cute animals you could use if you want some inspiration to make a truly unique label design.

Ten Cute Animal Images You Could Use To Make Daycare Bottle Labels

1 Red Panda: With its fluffy fur and distinctive markings, the red panda is undeniably adorable.

2 Penguin: Waddling around on ice, penguins are known for their charming and comical appearance.

3 Koala: These cuddly creatures from Australia are known for their fluffy ears and a penchant for hugging trees.

4 Otter: Otters are playful and have a captivating way of holding hands while floating in the water.

5 Hedgehog: With their tiny snouts and protective spines, hedgehogs have an endearing look.

6 Pika: Resembling a small rabbit, pikas are known for their round bodies and big ears.

7 Sloth: Sloths are famous for their slow movements and sweet, sleepy expressions.

8 Chinchilla: Known for their soft and velvety fur, chinchillas are charming small rodents.

9 Fennec Fox: The Fennec fox is the smallest fox species, known for its large ears and adorable face.

10 Quokka: Often referred to as the “world’s happiest animal,” quokkas have a perpetually smiling expression.

That list should get your creative juices flowing for label design ideas. Pick one of those unique less popular animals, Google up a good image or drawing, upload it and design your own one of a kind daycare bottle label.

What are Bottle Labels for Daycare Made From?

Durable, high gloss vinyl material with a permanent adhesive backing. They will stand up to the toughest of elements including countless trips through the dishwasher. The vinyl is so durable in fact that it’s scratch and dent resistant because of the natural durability of vinyl and the coating. Because they are so indestructible they double as labels for other kids items that receive a lot of wear like helmets, bikes, skateboards, etc.

If you want to learn more about making your own daycare bottle labels or your own custom stickers visit BottleYourBrand.com