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Canada’s Investor Immigration Landscape: A Roadmap to Economic Contribution and Citizenship

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There are a number of programs offered by different countries related to Immigration. Canada, in this regard, offers these immigration programs to those who are wealthy enough to contribute to the country’s economy and the investors who are able to invest handsome amounts to support the country’s healthy economy. This program must involve the Federal and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Canadian Citizenship through Investment Program

For those who are interested in the Citizenship by investment Canada program, Canada provides different ways through which an individual can apply and participate by bringing money for investment, generating employment opportunities, or maybe running a firm.

If you have a business experience background, then it will definitely help you while making financial decisions and long-term strategies. Let’s discuss some important factors to remember while planning to avail of a Canada investor visa or Canada immigration.

1.   Startup visa by federal program:

This program is basically generating an employment opportunity in Canada with new business ideas and innovations.   An individual should be very clear about his business idea, financial stability while investing, and, of course, proficiency in speaking English.

2.   PNP (Provincial Nominee Program)

These programs are for those who wish to settle and manage a business in a specific region or province of Canada. For each province or region, the required standards and investment criteria are different.

3.   Self-Employed Visa Program by Canada:

Those who participated in Canadian sports or culture and have experienced them, if they meet the required criteria and made some impact on the Art or athletics of Canada, then they are eligible for this program.

4.   ICT (intra-company transfer)

If you are a manager or an executive or have excellent knowledge of your work, then you can be qualified for intra-company transfer.

5.   Work Permit (C11):

This program can lead you to a work permit. If you can buy or start a business in Canada. For this, you need to create jobs for Canadians and work operationally in your company.

6.   IMP (International Mobility Program)

It is basically for foreign-educated workers to work in Canadian Companies (it is one of the IMP programs) under IMP. The American and Mexican professionals in business get work licenses from business people.

7.   QIIP (Quebec Immigration Investor Program)

This is specific to the province of Quebec, which allows an individual with a good investment to make a contribution to Quebec. This required a particular amount of money, which is non-refundable, a specific time period, and other general requirements.


While applying for the Investor visa immigration category in Canada, one should be well aware of the differences between the Federal and Provincial nominee programs. The eligibility criteria, investment requirements, time period, industries, and some other factors should be kept in mind while planning for these two different Categories. Once you meet the required criteria, you are all set to go and apply for a work permit and enjoy different career opportunities.

If you want to apply for Canadian citizenship through Dubai citizenship by investment programs, make sure that you contact professional consultants in order to be aware of the updated information and apply accordingly.