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Check Out This Month’s Exclusive Specials From Papa Johns

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Papa Johns regularly features new specials on its menu. These exclusive items are only around for a limited time, however. This month, there are two new and exciting features, and they are worth checking out. Whether you are feeding your family for movie night or are searching for lunch near me, make sure to add these to your order.


There are many pizza specials that Papa Johns adds throughout the year. One of the ones that keeps returning is the Shaq-A-Roni, named after the well-known spokesman, Shaquille O-Neal. This extra-large pizza can feed a crowd, and it is loaded with toppings.

This pizza starts with an extra large crust and is topped with pizza sauce, extra pepperoni, and extra cheese. In fact, there are 60 slices of pepperoni on this pizza, and they cover almost the entire surface of the crust. After coming out of the oven, it is sliced into eight oversized slices, which are perfect for folding. Order this and invite your friends over to share.

Twix Papa Bites

Looking for something sweet? The menu at Papa Johns contains awesome desserts, and it is currently offering, for a limited time, the Twix Papa Bites.

Papa Bites are already a fixture on the menu, but this flavor will not be around for long. This decadent dessert takes original dough and wraps it around pieces of Twix cookie bar. It is cut into eight shareable bites and then baked. They are served with caramel to dip into.

Tasty Accompaniments to the Exclusive Specials

Although the Shaq-A-Roni and Twix Papa Bites should definitely be a part of your next Papa Johns order, there is a good chance you are in the mood to add more items. One of the perfect complements to both items is wings.

Papa Johns has offered wings on the menu for a while, and now it also has boneless wings. Available flavors include BBQ, honey chipotle, hot lemon pepper, buffalo, and garlic parmesan.

If you order the Shaq-A-Roni, but there is someone in your party who wants to skip the crust, you can let him or her know that there is now a low-carb pizza on the menu. Better known as Papa Bowls, these are crustless pizza options. They come in three tasty combinations: Italian meats trio, chicken alfredo, and garden veggie. The toppings are combined with cheese and sauce and then baked in the oven. You can also create your own bowl.

There are various sides on the menu that are perfect to round out your meal. If you love cheese, there are various types of cheesesticks, such as regular, jalapeno, green chile and bacon, and Tuscan six cheese. The garlic knots also make for a tasty side, as do the garlic parmesan breadsticks.

Did the Papa Bites sound enticing? There are also savory options in chicken parmesan and jalapeno flavors.

Ordering from Papa Johns is always fun, as there are so many menu items offered. Make sure to try the two new, limited time only specials this week!