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Choosing the Right Tree Species for Your Memorial Planting

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As we grieve and adapt to a world without the physical presence of a loved one, finding meaningful ways to pay tribute provides comfort. Planting a tree to memorialize them is one way to bring us some peace while creating a living tribute honoring their enduring memory. 

It all starts with selecting a tree species that reflects their personality, interests, or values. Let us go over the process of choosing the perfect memorial tree to symbolize their legacy.

Selecting the Right Memorial Tree

A memorial tree transforms grief into new life. When considering species, reflect on your loved one’s personality, interests, and values to pick the perfect tree. Here are some popular options for memorial plantings and their symbolic meanings:

Oak – Symbolizing strength, endurance, faithfulness, and longevity, oak trees make a fitting tribute to influential figures providing unwavering support. Their impressive size and lifespan reflect an enduring spirit.

Maple – If your loved one enjoyed nature’s beauty, a maple tree’s vibrant fall colors paint the landscape in their memory. Maples represent balance, promise, and practicality. 

Fruit Tree – For green thumbs with a nurturing spirit, a flowering fruit tree perpetuates their legacy. Cherry and apple trees signify wisdom and peace, while peach trees represent healing.

Willow – If your honoree faced adversity with flexibility and resilience, the willow represents survival, sadness, and rebirth. Willows adapt to challenges in their environment.

Magnolia – Magnolias convey dignity, perseverance, and a love for nature. Their elegant blooms and sublime fragrance invoke nostalgia, commemorating someone unforgettable.

Birch – Symbolizing new beginnings and protection, birch trees suit those who led the way and looked after others. Birches grow in various conditions, indicative of an adaptable soul.

Cypress – If your loved one had strong faith and moral fiber, a stately cypress signifies eternal life, grief, and protection. They also represent hope and healing.

Consider the Climate and Care Level Needed

Aim for a species that adapts well to the climate and soil conditions of the location you choose. This ensures your living tribute continues thriving for decades to come.

Deciduous trees should be planted in late fall through early spring when dormant. If planting in summer, provide plenty of water while avoiding fertilizer, which can “burn” roots. Water young trees thoroughly for the first two years. Apply protective mulch around the base, keeping it a few inches from the trunk.

Depending on the type, memorial trees may grow over 100 feet tall at maturity. Consider eventual size, underground pipes or wires, and distance to buildings or power lines.  

Once you’ve identified the species and planted the tree in a suitable spot that shows a connection between you and the honoree, you’ll definitely want to commit to caring for this living tribute. Most require less active care but periodic pruning and inspection. 

Using a memorial tree planting organization ensures your tribute will be sheltered in a protected park or forest habitat cared for by conservation groups.

A Living, Growing Memorial 

Losing someone you love leaves a void words cannot fill. But when grief feels suffocating, nurturing a new life helps mend your heart, albeit slowly, while honoring their legacy. In time, observing your memorial tree flourish and brave the seasons brings lasting comfort and a standing symbol of their memory.