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Common Causes of Car Accidents: A Comprehensive Guide

by Busines Newswire
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Car accidents can be horrifying and not without cause. They can be absolutely terrifying and have the most dangerous effects known to mankind. No matter where in the States you may be at the time of a car accident, you can always hire a personal injury lawyer in Houston, California, Texas or Florida, etc. 

While the severity may not always be that strong, the threat is there. A car accident can range anywhere from a small harmless curbside oopsie to a full-fledged, multiple-vehicle pile-up.  

Common Causes of Car Accidents 

Following is a list of common causes of car accidents; 


Speeding is never a safe bet, whether on the road or on the waters if we’ve learned anything from the Titanic. Speeding can increase the chances of road accidents by a great deal and not to mention, the very high likelihood of loss of lives and the high risk of tremendous vehicle damage that may take an immense amount of time and huge sums of money in repairs.  

Reckless Driving 

Reckless and negligent driving can always increase the risk of car accidents and cause considerable damage to one’s property in the event of a calamity. Reckless driving can not only cause damage to your own property but also those to others. More importantly, it can put the lives of several people at risk including yourself and various others.  

Distraction or Fatigue While Driving 

If someone is driving and they feel themselves zoning out or fatigue taking over them in any kind of way, they should immediately ask someone else to take over for them. If someone feels distracted or tired while driving, it is important to make a stop and let the driver freshen up in case no one else in the vehicle is eligible to drive. 

Weather Conditions 

Unfavorable weather conditions can lead to a plethora of challenges for drivers and cause various road accidents. Rain and snow can prove to be the most dangerous of weather conditions for road safety. These two conditions can make the road slippery and dangerous to drive on. Speeding in such conditions can easily cause one to lose control of the vehicle and lead to road accidents that may be dangerous enough to cause loss of life.  

Road Conditions 

Unfavorable road conditions may lead to certain risks of accidents and therefore put one’s vehicle and life at risk. Road conditions may vary from a lack of snowplowing to the lack of road visibility to poor drainage and slippery surfaces that might be too dangerous in cases of driving, even when fully sober and attentive. 

Lack of Experience as a Driver 

If a novice driver were to take to the mainstream roads without proper training or experience, they would not only be putting themselves but also the lives and assets of others at risk. If the driver lacks experience, they may hit a curb and cause harm to someone else’s small business stall and may even lead their family to lose the sole breadwinner of the family. 

Driving While not Fully Sober 

This should go without saying, but when one isn’t fully sober, driving is still a bad idea. Drunk driving has been deemed illegal for certain reasons, the reasons being that it always leads to accidents and ends more often than not in death.   

Undetected Vehicle Defects 

Every vehicle must be examined before it is taken out for a spin. Whether those be road or water vehicles or air vehicles. It is important to make sure that the vehicle is ready to be used as a mode of transportation. Even in that case, it is possible that the vehicle still has some defects that may go undetected and become the basis of road accidents. 

Lane Changes 

Unpremeditated lane changes can be highly unsafe and therefore may cause unpredictable injuries. For instance, trying to change from a slow lane to a fast lane and failing to realize that there is a speeding car headed in the same direction behind you that would be very likely to cause an unfortunate accident if proper improvisation is not exercised.  


Animals that may accidentally walk out on the road and in front of your vehicle may cause significant harm to the vehicle or cause muscle spam due to sudden jerks caused by unanticipated stops.  

Precautions to Avoid Road Accidents 

Now that you know the main causes of road accidents, you can do whatever you can to avoid and prevent them. Here are a few other precautions you may take to avoid road accidents and stay safe. 

  • Follow and obey all kinds of road safety protocols.  
  • Take precautions and exercise prevention when it comes to drinking before driving, although it is preferable if the designated driver is someone fully sober.  
  • Fasten your seatbelts and keep your head on straight. Stay focused and remain attentive. 
  • Use turn signals whenever you need to make a turn, whether it is a sharp turn or not, make sure you use the turn signals just to be on the safe side and avoid any kind of road monstrosities.  
  • Try to avoid getting into road rage and remain calm and peaceful.  
  • Plan your route beforehand and make sure that you share the road plan with someone if your route involves a remote location or destination so that someone can come to look for you in the event that you may lose signal.  

You get the gist. Use hands-free devices, stay calm and focused, and follow every safety measure you could possibly think of. Drive safe to avoid car accidents for a better road experience!