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Comparison of Malta and Greece living cost for expats

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Cost live plays a paramount role for a cosmopolitan. If you are not satisfied with everything in your native land, we recommend you consider one of the countries described below and go with your family to a place where it will be more comfortable. If you are attracted to sea vacations on the coast, you can visit Greece. You will be surprised by the delightful sandy shores of one of the eight seas surrounding the pearl country. Mediterranean cuisine, the cleanest air, and the absence of industrial plants contribute to people’s longevity. 

The tiny Maltese power EU is a “stone flower” with endless beaches, a friendly climate, a developed economy, and stable politics. Is it worth fighting the temptation to move permanently to this cosmopolitan paradise? Suppose you are satisfied with the standard of living, wages, housing prices, and another factor. In that case, you can safely apply for a visa and even obtain Malta citizenship by naturalization from this country. Using a unique investment program, any wealthy foreigner can realize the dream. 

The entry permit gives many other benefits. However, let’s stop now to compare these two interesting locations on the map. Both of them seem appealing, but you still need to be prudent if you calculate your budget ahead. 

How to Immigrate to Malta

A good understanding of Maltese law is necessary to carry out the legal immigration process correctly.

It is also obligatory to perform all the necessary actions and legally move to the island:

  • examine the specific migration law of the republic; 
  • take into account the norms of legislation to see a holistic picture of possibilities;
  • see the practical application of the Laws and know how to make a theoretical possibility a real result.

Correct information and practical experience are what you need to start your journey.

Overview of Expat Life in Malta

This island attracts many business travelers due to the simplified taxation system and treaties with many countries. In addition, you do not need to live in the country for 6 months to apply for a permanent residence permit. English is the second official language in the country. Also, the authorities provide an excellent opportunity for quality education – these circumstances favor couples with children.

Cost of Living in Malta

Cost of living in Malta for expats can vary depending on various factors such as location and comfort level. However, compared to Greece, it is 24% more expensive.

An example of the approximate cost of some of the expenses is given below:

  • on average, you will have to pay about 800–1000 euros per month for an apartment in the center;
  • food costs can be around 300 euros, depending on needs;
  • public transportation – from 1.50 to 2 euros per trip;
  • medical services are free for citizens and residents but only for insurance holders;
  • going to a movie or restaurant can cost around 10–20 euros per person.

These prices are approximate and may vary depending on personal preferences and circumstances.

How to Immigrate to Greece

Prolonged residence in the country guarantees the issuance of a passport. However, you can start your journey with family reunification if one of your relatives is Greek or marry/get married to a resident of the country. Thus, there will be no financial need. However, there are nuances in these cases in terms of length of processing, naturalization, and focus on a detailed examination of your identity. Before you apply, you should contact the migration company and make a plan of action regarding the collection of papers and the method of investment.

Overview of Expat Life in Greece

Knowing Greek makes it easier to adapt. However, many people in the center speak English. The local culture has its peculiarities, and expatriates may encounter differences in behavior, customs, and communication. It is essential to be open and respectful of local customs and traditions. Greece has experienced an economic crisis that has affected the lives of locals and emigrants. Economic conditions can influence the availability of jobs, wages, and cost of living.

Despite these challenges, many find new opportunities in Hellas. The country offers a beautiful climate, rich history and culture, and friendly people. The key to successful adaptation is openness, willingness to learn Greek culture and language, and obtaining a Greece Golden Visa.

Cost of Living in Greece

According to Zlata Erlach, a specialist of Immigrant Invest, life on the island is reasonable, with an average monthly cost of about 600 euros per person and an average salary of 1120 euros. Therefore, you do not need to invest a lot of money to spend your time comfortably.

If you eat in an inexpensive restaurant, the cost is approximately 200 euros. On average, residents spend about 500 euros a month on rent, outside the center – about 400. The price of bus or metro fare is about 1.5 euros per trip. As for buying things and shoes, you can do it cheaper in Malta by 15%.

It is also worth considering that the cost of living in Greece for expats is higher in larger cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki compared to smaller cities and rural areas.

Final Comparison of Malta and Greece for Expats

Comparing prices in percentages can help decide on whether to relocate. Greece wins by 25-30% when buying and renting a home. Eating out on a tiny island is 10-20% more expensive. Public transportation in both countries is relatively the same. Medical services are free of charge. The choice of a particular destination depends on preferences and budget; as statistics promise, Malta will cost more, but the quality of life there is 10% higher.