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Confluent Who Benefits Most From Neurological Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy

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Most people think of physical therapy as a treatment option to help patients recover from injuries. This thought process is not wrong, but injury is not the only reason to see a therapist. Knowing a little bit about different specialties may help you determine which type is best for your situation as a patient or if you are looking for a job in the field.

Types of Physical Therapy

Today, physical therapy Temecula is more comprehensive and effective than ever before. Treatment can help patients regain full range of motion safely. Physical therapists are a critical part of the recovery process. They help optimize and restore function and movement after a disease or an injury. They evaluate the issue, establish a treatment plan and then use techniques to help their patients with their concerns.

Physical therapists can specialize in different specialties. They can receive special training to become certified in different areas of concern.

Physical therapists can specialize in different specialties. They can receive special training to become certified in a certain area. Some of these specialized areas of therapy include:

  • Sports
  • Geriatrics
  • Women’s Health
  • Pediatrics
  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary
  • Orthopedics
  • Oncology
  • Neurology

What Is Neurological Rehabilitation Physical Therapy?

Neurological rehabilitation physical therapy Escondido focuses on disorders, injuries and diseases of the nervous system. The goal is to help improve well-being, improve function, reduce symptoms and improve overall quality of life.

Typically, the rehab team includes skilled professionals like speech therapists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and neurologists. To help reach patient goals, the neurological rehab program may include:

  • Depression, anxiety and stress management
  • Exercises improve and maintain range of motion, improve movement and decrease or prevent weakness
  • Activities designed to help cognitive function for better memory, attention and concentration
  • Increase independence and safety
  • Management for pain
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Counseling and education

Who Benefits Most From This Physical Therapy Service?

There are multiple conditions that neurologic rehab can benefit. These include brain and spinal cord injuries, seizure disorders and headaches, neuralgia, meningitis and encephalitis, hemorrhagic strokes and subdural hematomas, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Neurological rehabilitation is useful if there is difficulty walking, swallowing, speaking, impairment with memory and thinking, muscle weakness and pain.

What Are the Treatment Methods for This Physical Therapy?

The rehab team provides therapies and treatments with the primary care team. A care plan will be developed for each specific patient’s issues after a thorough examination. Neurological rehab can include the following:

  • Physiatristy involves physical medicine and rehabilitation. A physiatrist may use different methods such as nerve stimulators, EMGs, ultrasound or nerve and acupuncture for treatment.
  • Occupational therapy comprises methods to help patients get back to their activities of daily living, work and school. Therapists will work on fall and prevention and safety. Patients may also learn how to use adaptive equipment like those to help with showers.
  • Speech therapist
  • Neuropsychology is an area that works with the relationship between the brain and behavior. The therapist deals with issues that result from disease and injuries to the central nervous system.
  • Cognitive therapy

Neurological rehabilitation might be for you if you need, treatment for nervous system issues or if you are looking for the perfect job for you. Research your options to find physical therapy jobs near me to meet your specific needs.


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