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Container Shipping from China to the USA

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Trade is the engine of civilization, especially when it takes place at the international level. In the modern world, the United States and China are the economic giants, so it is not surprising that the trade exchange between these countries is really large. In this aspect, the issue of logistics remains one of the main ones. Containerized sea transportation has recently received more and more attention, as it remains the cheapest way to transport goods.

Features of container transportation

Sea freight from China to USA accounts for the largest part of the transportation of goods between the two countries. This is facilitated by economically developed ports and the geographical location of China and the United States.

Advantages of container shipping:

  • Transportation over very long distances;
  • Safety and reliability;
  • Versatility;
  • The ability to transport potentially dangerous materials;
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Disadvantages of containerized sea transportation:

  • Long shipping time;
  • The complexity of the process, as the cargo must change vehicles at least twice;
  • Slow speed due to the type of transport itself;
  • Dependence on weather conditions.

Both bulky goods and group-age cargo from different suppliers are transported between countries. It is also worth paying attention to warehousing in LA, as it is the largest port complex in the United States.

Options for container transportation

There are two main options for container shipping: FCL and LCL. The first means that a whole container is allocated for the order of one customer. This is a full container load. Such transportation is beneficial if you need to deliver a large consignment of luggage. It is the most profitable type of container shipping because it is cheaper and faster than LCL, which means less container loading. It implies that one container can contain cargo from several shippers. This method of sea transportation is convenient if the customer has few goods to freight.

Containerized shipping from China to the USA is the cheapest and most convenient type of delivery. It is quite flexible and can adapt to customer requests, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of this type of transportation.