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Continental Tyre – One of the Biggest and Oldest Tyre Manufacturer

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Continental Tires is one of the oldest names in the tyre manufacturing industry. Founded in 1871, the brand is known for designing premium bicycles, motorbikes, trucks, and passenger car tyres. Continental tyres are durable and you can rely on the brand to experience great response and traction regardless of the road condition or weather. If you are buying  Continental tires, you can rest assured that these tires are made to last. They ensure a comfortable drive and are highly durable and fuel-efficient as well.

While speaking of tyres, Continental tyres not only manufacture replacement tires but is an Original Manufacturer for some of the top names like BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz. Continental tyres manufacture tyres for commercial trucks, passenger cars, and SUV/trucks.

Why Continental Tyres? 

The brand is performance-driven and invests heavily in R&D and designing excellent quality tyres that always deliver regardless of the road condition and weather. Listed below are some of the incredible features the brand’s tyres offer:

Fuel Efficiency

Continental Tyres is an environment-friendly brand and is committed to reducing carbon emissions. These tyres facilitate reducing fuel consumption and have minimal rolling resistance. The brand boasts 8% less fuel consumption.

Green Chilli 2.0 Technology

Continental Tyres has introduced a tyre technology called Green Chilli 2.0, which is a tread compound allowing for an increase in the total mileage of tyres.

ContiSeal Technology

Tyres can get punctured by nails, sharp rocks, or broken glass. Continental ContiSeal Technology prevents such incidents. This way the tyre gets sealed after a puncture and the brand reports 80% of the punctures getting sealed.

SportsPlus Technology

The SportsPlus technology boosts the tread life while increasing the tyre traction and grip on damp, wet, and slippery surfaces. This technology helps in giving precise steering responses.

ContiSilent Technology

You can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with Continental Tyres as they come with ContiSilent technology that is significant in lessening vibrations and absorbing road noise.

Excellent Handling

One can enjoy impressive handling with an accurate steering response that results in a great connection with the road.

When it comes to cost, Continental Tyres are bit expensive. But since it offers great performance on all kinds of roads and in all kinds of weather, the price seems worth it. Moreover, Continental Tyres offers a warranty that is impressive, to say the least. The brand offers a Total Confidence Policy. This policy offers flat roadside assistance to a limited warranty with a free tyre replacement within the first year of buying the tyres.

You can also enjoy the ultimate comfort and quality tyres from Continental Tyres in UAE. You can now  buy tyres and that too genuine ones from authentic tyre dealers. There are many online platforms now that let you choose the best tyres for your car from leading global tyre manufacturing brands. You can shop for tyres for your car within the comfort of your home. You can rest assured of professional service and get your hands on genuine tyres from Continental and other leading tyre brands in the industry.