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Corrugated Boxes 101 – A Brand-Healthy Guide Regarding the Most Sustainable Packaging Solution

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One of the most common needs of the current time is the use of eco-friendly materials for the production of high-end quality packaging solutions for cosmetic boxes. This need is all the latest rage because of the focus on sustainability and reducing the burden on the environment. This has shifted the focus of the manufacturers on the use of corrugated boxes.

This calls for building the information on corrugated boxes so that one is able to understand the context in which they are being used and the applications of the use of these boxes for the greater good of the environment.

Here are some quick facts as to why corrugated boxes are the next big thing in the market:

  • The anticipated volume of corrugated packaging exported from the USA is going to be around $443 billion in 2023
  • Back in 2019, the corrugated boxes market stood tall at $262 billion and this industry is projected to grow more by 2025 with the statistics claiming the growth to be around $400 billion.
  • The number of manufacturing units in the USA alone is 1100.

No one can deny the importance of corrugated boxes in providing protection, safety and security to the inside products and therefore these boxes are the perfect choice for soap packaging boxes.

What are Corrugated Boxes?

So before diving deep into the context, it is important to understand what these boxes are. 

Conventionally, corrugated boxes are made up of three basic layers of fiberboard. Two outer layers are known as liner boards while the innermost and wavy layer is known as flute.

This flue layer is the perfect fit between these two layers and creates the perfect sandwich-type structure between these two layers. Moreover, it is this flute that provides the ultimate strength to the box so that it can carry the most tough objects.

Moreover, the manufacturers can also add more layers to the corrugated sheets by adding more and more layers in the flute grading to maximize the protection. One of the best corrugated box solutions which works wonders in the shipping of materials or products is the double-fluted corrugated box. This box can be best used when you have to transfer extra heavy items from one place to another.

But despite everything the most preferred choice for transporting heavy items from one place to another is the classic corrugate box. They say you can’t go wrong with a classic corrugated box and they are right! 

After this initial information about corrugated boxes, let us expand our horizons and dive deep into how they are different from cardboard boxes and what are their applications in the modern-day world.

What is the Difference Between Corrugated and Cardboard?

In no world, the cardboard and corrugated boxes are the same. They are as different from one another as the day is different from the night. In order to better understand the difference between corrugated and cardboard boxes you need to have an understanding of the cardboard boxes as well. This is essential because the basic information will help to fuel more in-depth information for you.

The cardboard box as the name depicts is made up of cardboard. Cardboard is an environmentally friendly material which is used for the production of reliable custom lipstick boxes which are sustainable and eco-friendly.

It is made up of heavy paper pulp or thick paper stock which offers your products an extra level of protection and stability during the shipping.

These sorts of packaging boxes are the best possible solution for shipping and delivering small items across the board. Sometimes, businesses also tend to use an extra strip of cardboard in between the boxes so that the small materials can be delivered safely. The main purpose of that is to provide structural support to the box.

Corrugated boxes are the perfect fit for transporting heavier and bulky items from one place to another. This is because the sturdy and layered structure can carry out the larger subjects with great efficiency.

What are the Important Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Corrugated Box?

For brands attending to the customer’s concerns related to their packaging and product delivery is highly important because this is a clear indication of how well the brands have thought about the whole packaging and product delivery process for their customers.

Here are some factors which brands need to pay attention to before acquiring the services of a packaging company:

  • Flute grades
  • Types of corrugated boxes
  • Printing methods

Flute Grades

As we have already established the context about flute grades. The flute is the middle layer which is sandwiched between the two outer layers of the box. This layer is responsible for giving strength to the whole box and thus the safe transfer and movement of items from one place to another.

This is mainly because of the fact that these sheets are responsible for providing both strength and durability to the box. These are the most sought-after factors in custom soap boxes.

Here is a complete outlook about the five most common flute styles that are used in the corrugated boxes and how they all differ from one another on the basis of their properties.

A Flute

This one is the thickest form of the flute layer that can be present in a corrugated box. This layer provides the best possible benefits of both cushioning and extra strength to the box. Often those brands tend to require this in a corrugated box and are dealing in fragile and delicate items.

B Flute

This medium-sized flute is the perfect equilibrium between strength and better outlook. But does not promise the next-level protection, which is why these sorts of corrugated boxes are used in the delivery of general items.

C Flute

One of the most commonly used corrugated box flute layers is the c flute. This type of flute layer can be used for the protection of a wide range of items but is commonly used for not-so-fragile items. These sorts of boxes are lightweight to carry and are often the first choice of manufacturers who do not have to export heavy items.

E Flute

Among all the different types of flute layers that are available in the market this sort of flute is the thinnest. This sort of flute is used for keeping the most lightweight items safe and sound.

F Flute

When the weight of the contents of the packaging is light then it is necessary to keep the packaging weight manageable so that the inside contents can be kept safe and sound. Most of the time, businesses tend to use the F flute when they are shipping fragile items such as electronics.

Printing Methods for Corrugated Boxes

The commonly found printing methods for corrugated boxes are as follows:

Flexographic Printing

One of the most commonly used printing techniques on corrugated boxes is flexographic printing. In this method, a flexible plate serves as a medium to transfer the ink from the plate to the cardboard. This technique is a method which is both versatile and practical. Manufacturers tend to use this sort of printing style to print a wide variety of colours and graphics on corrugated boxes.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a rather unique, new and contemporary method of printing information or product content on the corrugated box. This technique uses digital graphics and a digital printer to export all the stuff on the corrugated boxes. A rather expensive technique this one is all the rage because of its inventive nature and the practicality that it promises.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a traditional method which has been in use for decades. This printing method is mostly used for printing product information on cardboard boxes. Although this one results in the production of high-quality end products, screen printing demands more intensive labour work and is much more intensive as compared to flexographic printing.

Applications of Corrugated Boxes in Different Industries

Now that we have successfully established a basic understanding regarding corrugated boxes it is high time that we discuss the applications and uses of corrugated boxes in various industries.

Food and Beverages

As mentioned before, corrugated boxes are known for their sturdiness and durability which is why there is no denying the fact that these boxes are the perfect companion for your food and beverage brands. You can keep your products whether canned or glass bottles in these corrugated boxes to ensure that the destined location is able to receive them properly.


There is no better packaging solution for keeping the retail products fresh and away from all the external factors other than corrugated boxes. The diverse retail industry successfully makes the best possible use of corrugated boxes to procure safe and stable packaging solutions for the products.


For all those brands that also present their customers with the option of shipping, using corrugated boxes turns out to be highly beneficial and suitable. It is one of the most convenient methods to ensure that the products are safe and won’t be damaged during the shipping experience.


Another industry that heavily depends on corrugated boxes for the safe and sound shipping of products is logistics. All the items that are produced by this industry need the durability and protection that is provided.


From raw materials to finished products, corrugated boxes , custom boxes are the best possible choice to make sure that the products are safely reaching the hands of the consumer or the user. This way the manufacturers are able to deliver the products to the consumers in the intact state.


Whether lumber, nails or screws corrugated boxes are the first and foremost choice of most construction companies to ensure the safe delivery of products from one place to another.

Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes

Here are some of the most common benefits that are promised with the use of corrugated boxes:

  • They are highly durable because of all the layering and the flute layer which is sandwiched between the two layers
  • The prospects of customization are high in the context of corrugated boxes because of the wide range of printing services that they tend to entertain
  • Corrugated boxes are made up of highly eco-friendly and sustainable material, therefore, the users and the brands can rest assured that they are not damaging the environment in any manner because of the use or corrugated boxes
  • Despite of corrugated boxes being the epitome of style and sustainability, these boxes do not put a bent on your brand’s financial budget. They are high cost-effective in these instances.

The Bottom Line!

We do hope that the aforementioned context is enough to build your knowledge about corrugated boxes. All you have to do is figure out which type and style of flute layer suits your business the most.


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