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Decorating Your Bathroom Like a Pro 101

by Anamta bnn
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Ah, the bathroom. Did you know that, on average, a person spends approximately 92 days of a year in the bathroom? It’s a lot, isn’t it? Well, since it’s one of the most visited spaces in your house, it should be comfortable and nice, no? Bathrooms are a sanctuary where we enter like a train wreck and come out like serviced tesla (odd analogy, I know –but it made my point clear).

And to make you look like the protagonist of your story, your bathroom also needs to be in its best shape. That is why you should decorate and transform your bathroom in the most tranquil and excellent way. But don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about bathroom décor because we’re going to help you with it.

Bathroom Décor Essentials

So, are you ready to give a glam-up to your bathroom? If yes, then let’s get started.

Introducing Bathroom Plants

Breathe life into your bathroom with the addition of green companions. Plants won’t just make your bathroom look extra pretty, but they will also make it fresh and healthy. Opt for low-maintenance options like snake plants or peace lilies because these plants can even survive in humid and damp areas, or you can also put up a vase with stems, leaves and flowers to give it an adorable look. However, you’ll regularly have to put in new flowers.

Light it Right (With Lights, Not Fire)

Lighting can make or break the look of any place, and the bathrooms are no different. Say goodbye to harsh overhead lights and go for softer and warmer options. Consider installing sconces or pendant lights around your bathroom mirror to create an even, shadow-free glow for your morning routine. Add a dimmer switch for adjustable brightness, allowing you to relax in the bathroom peacefully.

Setting the Mood with Incense or Candles

Improve the whole bathroom experience by evoking the sense of smell. Get rid of the mundane air fresheners and welcome the classiness of incense or candles. Choose soft scents like oud, lavender, citrus or roses for a spa-like atmosphere that calms the mind and makes you happy even to visit the bathroom. The flickering flame and gentle waft of fragrance add an element of serenity to your daily routine.

Organizing the Bathroom with Style

Clutter has no place in a well-decorated bathroom. Enter stands and shelves to keep your essentials organized and within reach. Invest in sleek, minimalist shelving or decorative stands to hold your favorite skincare products, neatly folded towels, or a collection of scented candles because a clutter-free space is what makes the bathroom organized and perfect.

The Art of Bathroom Ware

Upgrade your bathroom ware to embrace a luxurious, spa-like feel. Select a theme for your bathroom and then buy stuff accordingly. Add a soft, absorbent bath mat for that extra touch of luxury underfoot. Matching accessories, such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, and don’t forget about super soft towels.

Mirrors, Mirror on the Wall…

What is a bathroom without a mirror? They aren’t just for functional use but also give the bathroom a powerful look. So, choose the one that goes with your bathroom’s design and interior (remember not to overdo it). If you place the mirror strategically, then it can make even a small bathroom look huge and inviting.

Personal Touch

Add anything that you want your bathroom to have, from mini art pieces to paintings and from toilet seat lifters to wonderful shower accessories; there is no limit to what you can and should put in your bathroom.

Your bathroom goal should be that people visit it just to take pictures of it because it is that amazing.

Unwind in Style

Bathrooms are indeed for relaxing and looking your best, but how do you expect to look your best when your bathroom doesn’t look the best? So, decorate your bathroom in the best way possible so that you feel excited every time you have to go there.

But, remember, don’t over-crowd or over-decorate it just for the sake of adding everything you like or see in the market. Keep your design to minimal and go ahead, treat yourself to a spa-like experience every day, right in the comfort of your bathroom.