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Deepfake AI Face Swap: What is it? How does it work?

by Busines Newswire
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You see memes on social media, and wonder how the faces are different on different individuals. Well, in simple words this is called Face swapping. 

Before AI, it wasn’t a norm to exchange faces with anyone else in the pictures and videos. But now with the rise of AI technology, you can expect anything.

Anyone can simply use an AI face swap tool and can swap their face with someone else within the blink of an eye. 

But, as most of the tools are either very expensive or scammy, you can’t easily find the one that works best for you. Well, this post is going to provide you with the solution. 

Ready to surprise your friends with hilarious and mind-blowing images? Let’s dive into the post. 

What is a face swap? 

The name Face Swap itself tells what it means. It’s basically a photo trend. 

Anyone wants to either merge or swap their face with their favorite celebrity to see how they look, or to just surprise their friends. So the use of technology to exchange faces with anyone else is called Face swapping. 

Face swapping has also raised some security and privacy concerns because anyone can exchange a person’s face with anyone resulting in deceiving someone. 

Well, anything comes with its own pros and cons, so face-swapping itself is fun and entertaining. So it’s our responsibility to avoid using this technology for any kind of shady purposes. 

How does face-swapping work? Complete Step By Step Guide 

Using an AI face swap tool is the easiest way to swap faces with anyone. Because not everyone is fluent in using Photoshop or any other designing software. So, swapping tools are perfect for people with zero knowledge of graphic designing. 

Well, there are a lot of AI tools that you can use to exchange faces with your favorite celebrity or with any friend or family member, we will suggest using the Wefaceswap generative AI tool

The top reason to suggest this deepfake AI face swap tool is because it provides high-quality results seamlessly in seconds. 

Excited to get started? Follow the guide.

Step By Step Guide  

1. Go to the official website of Wefaceswap.

2. After clicking on ‘Let’s Get Started’, you’ll be taken to a page, where you’ll be asked to upload material. 

3. You’ll be given the option to upload a video, image, or GIF. 

4. When you click on the Choose Files button, you’ll be asked to create an account first. 

5. The free version has a 2-credit limit, so you’ll be able to use them to have an idea about the quality of the face swap and the efficiency of the tool. (A typical DEMO or a free trial basically).

6. After creating an account, you can choose a file and upload it on the tool. 

7. You’ll have to choose a second image with which you want to exchange or swap the face.

8. After choosing the second image, now is the time to click on ‘Let’s Faceswap’. Well, if you’re confused about how the 2nd image has been uploaded, you just need to click on My Asset, and your 2nd image will be uploaded. 

9. The swap is successfully ready. You can now save the image. You can see that this sample is a mixture of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

10. You can swap any images you like. All you have to do is to upload two different images, one with which you want a different face and the second with which you want to swap face with. 

11. The last step is to save the image. 

12. Whenever you edit visuals in Wefaceswap, you will find a feature to upgrade your swaps’ quality at the bottom of the screen. It is completely free of cost. After clicking on it, you’ll find your visual to be more clear with zero blurring effect. 

If you like the quality, and you want to swap more images, then you can buy the paid plans. There are two plans as you can see in the image below. Both are very affordable and provide a lot of perks. 

Note: You can follow the same process to swap faces in videos and GIFs.

Some amazing conversions that were done using Wefaceswap

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Wefaceswap

Wefaceswap AI has achieved the product of the Day 1st place title on Producthunt for a reason. It is highly affordable and efficient, which makes it a must to use. Well, if you still have some doubts, then you must take a sight at the below-mentioned reasons why you should use the Wefaceswap tool rather than any other face swap software. 

#1- Efficiency 

ProductHunt is a place where the most innovative and efficient tools and products are showcased, and then on the basis of quality and the working ability, the product is given a title. 

So, as the Wefaceswap tool has achieved the product of the day title on ProductHunt, you can determine how efficient it must be. 

A product is called efficient only, if it is reliable to use and its quality is better than the competitors. No doubt, there are a lot of face-swapping tools online, but the way Wefaceswap tool smoothly swaps faces, no other tool can. 

#2- Inexpensiveness 

People usually don’t like spending money on fun and entertainment things, unless the activity is so addictive. 

Face swapping is no doubt an addictive activity but in a good way. You can prank your friends by switching face with an old celebrity, or even with a cartoon character. This all can happen at a very cheap price. 

Wefaceswap Tool can give you the perk to utilize two free credits, and then if you are impressed by its quality, you can choose any plan that suits your budget. 

No matter if you own a meme page or just want to use it for fun purposes, you can choose a plan according to your needs. 

#3- Easy to use 

Don’t worry if you’re not a tech enthusiast, you can still swap your face completely automatically by using our tool.  

You can follow the above-mentioned guide, and can simply get the edited image in nanoseconds. 

The guide seems a little lengthy because we have tried to explain everything in detail so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

But the truth is, there are just 3-4 steps to get your images swapped. Doubts? 

Let us break down those short steps;

  • Create an account 
  • Upload the first image 
  • Upload 2nd image 
  • Click swap and visualize the spectacular results. Save and surprise your friends. 

#4- Mind-blowing Quality  

Artists put their hours of creativity into creating an image that looks both realistic and a mixture of 2 different images. But at the same time, Wefaceswap, while using advanced generative AI technology, can create that image in mere seconds. 

Isn’t that amazing? Both the quality of the professional artists’ creation and our tool will be the same, even better, and more defined. 

Well, there is no comparison to the human artists’ creations, because they can create highly creative and complex patterns by using their minds and skills. But to minimize the time and effort, one can simply use our face-swapping tool to get the desired designs and high-quality smooth results in a short time. 

#5 People Love using it!

After analyzing the reviews and ratings, you can see that people love our tool because of its quality and effectiveness. 

Every product owner mentions positive features about their products, but sometimes they over-mention something that their product lacks. 

To see if a product is really worthy to use or not, one must read the reviews and ratings. If they see 90% of positive reviews, then it clearly means that the product is really worth the hype. 

You can check the reviews and testimonials on our site to see if our tool is really what you want or not. 


Q: Is it safe to use a face swap app?

A: Yes, it is completely safe and reliable to use face swap apps and tools. Your images, videos, and GIFs will not be seen by anyone other than you. The face swap apps or tools don’t save your data. There are no risks of information theft or leak associated with face swap apps, but still, you should use only those apps that look credible and safe. Don’t use shady sites for face-swapping purposes. 

Q: Is it possible to swap faces?

A: Of course it is. All you have to do is to visit online credible face-swapping tools such as Wefaceswap, and then upload both images. You can simply click on swap and your swapped image, video, or gif will be ready. You can save it on your device and show it to your friends and family members. 

Key Takeaway 

It’s not difficult to swap faces with anyone in your images and videos. You just need a high-quality swapping tool such as the Wefaceswap deepfake tool, and you’re all set. 

In this guide, we have tried to show you the real method to edit your images in this amazing swapping tool, if you still get an issue you can contact the support team, and your issue will be resolved immediately.