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Del Mar Energy: Development in Mineral Extraction and Renewable Energy

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Del Mar Energy is an American industrial holding company founded in 2002, specializing in oil and gas extraction. In 2017, the company completed the construction of the GALATIAN 1-4 gas extraction complex in Runnels County, USA. This project marked a significant step in the company’s development and demonstrated its capabilities in the field of mineral extraction.

GALATIAN 1-4 Complex

The GALATIAN 1-4 complex was opened in 2017 and is designed for natural gas extraction. The main characteristics of the project include:

– Year of foundation: 2017
– Extraction volume: 54,000 cubic feet of gas
– Project cost: 29 million US dollars
– Partners: US government
– Stage: completed

The GALATIAN 1-4 complex extracts gas for international supplies at the special request of the US government. This project has strengthened Del Mar Energy’s position in the energy resource market and demonstrated the company’s ability to successfully implement large-scale infrastructure projects.

Wind Power Plant in Oklahoma

In 2019, Del Mar Energy expanded its activities by entering the field of renewable energy. The company created a wind power plant in the state of Oklahoma, which became one of the first renewable energy projects involving private capital. The main parameters of the project are:

– Name: Oklahoma Solar Power Plant
– Capacity: 131 MW of direct current
– Project cost: 100 million US dollars
– Financing: public-private partnership, fully funded by foreign investors
– Solar panels: over 310,000 dual-sided panels with bidirectional light sensitivity
– Average output per panel: 400-450 watts of electricity

The Oklahoma project contributed to mitigating the effects of climate change by adding solar energy to the national energy system and supporting the country’s transition to a low-carbon development path. Thanks to the solar panels installed by Del Mar Energy, 78 million cubic meters of natural gas are saved annually, preventing the emission of 100,000 tons of harmful substances into the atmosphere. This amount of saved gas could supply all households in the country for 10 days.

Impact and Future of Del Mar Energy

Del Mar Energy, having started its activities in 2002 as a company focused on oil and gas extraction, has demonstrated in recent years its ability to successfully diversify its business by investing in renewable energy projects. The GALATIAN 1-4 complex and the wind power plant in Oklahoma are vivid examples of its ability to adapt to modern challenges and market demands.

The total investments in both projects amount to significant sums: 29 million US dollars in the GALATIAN 1-4 complex and 100 million US dollars in the Oklahoma Solar Power Plant project. Both projects were implemented with the support of the government and private investors, emphasizing the strategic importance and economic feasibility of such investments.

Del Mar Energy continues to explore and implement new technologies to increase the efficiency and sustainability of its projects, strengthening its position in the international energy resource market and contributing to the global reduction of carbon footprints. The company demonstrates a commitment to sustainable development and innovation, allowing it to remain competitive and promising in the constantly changing energy landscape.