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Dental Emergency in New York – What You Might Need to Know

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Dental emergencies don’t happen at convenient times. You should always have a dental office you can rely on, whether you need urgent care during business hours, at night, or on the weekend. Doctors Network makes scheduling an appointment with an emergency dentist near New York quick and easy. We are here to help you with whatever oral health problem you’re experiencing, no matter when it happens.

Types of Dental Emergency

If you experience any of these oral health concerns, you can either contact one of our emergency dentists or find local New York endodontists on Doctors Network if you need immediate intervention:

  • Severe tooth pain Dislodged tooth Knocked-out or avulsed tooth
  • Broken tooth Sudden mouth or tooth discomfort Trauma to the mouth or jaw
  • Damaged veneer Lost filling or crown Severely damaged gums, tongue, or lips Cracked or chipped tooth

How Can You Tell You Have a Tooth-related Emergency?

You don’t have to experience an issue that literally fits in the categories above to need an emergency visit. Though the literal definition of a true dental emergency is a situation that threatens the tissues in your mouth, your New York emergency dentist considers every concerning condition seriously. Every condition is different.

Here are things to keep in mind:

  • Blood does not always indicate disaster. The oral cavity is home to hundreds of vessels in your gums, tongue, cheek, and lips. A small laceration in the oral cavity can cause an alarming amount of bleeding, but that does not always mean disaster.
  • Don’t suffer the pain. If tooth pain is serious, it won’t disappear. The pain will worsen and the situation will not resolve itself. Don’t try to muscle through the pain or wait for your routine dental visit to be checked. The longer you wait to have your oral health problem addressed, the more likely you are to need lengthier, more invasive repairs.
  • Purely cosmetic issues can usually wait. An issue with your cosmetic dentistry, like a cracked veneer, is definitely annoying but it is not always a problem that justifies a same-day dental visit. You might be a little self-conscious until you get in to see the dentist, but knowing that the problem can wait will help mitigate your concerns.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact Doctors Network. If you have a problem with your oral or dental health, always reach out to your dentist. You will get peace of mind about your condition which can lower your anxiety level. The level of urgency may not be as you think and, if it is, you will make a visit to be seen right away.

Contact Doctors Network for Urgent Dental Treatments

Some of the most common emergency dental services include wisdom teeth removal, tooth extraction, root canals, and composite tooth fillings. The best solution depends of course on the diagnosis, and even if you are having pain, in some cases there is no way to tell what the cause of the pain is until you are in the dental chair. A throbbing tooth could be caused by caries, abscess, infection, a tooth root cyst, or even gingivitis. If you wish to save your teeth and preserve your oral and dental health, it’s necessary to have every oral health problem addressed ASAP.

Whether you need to contact dentists who handle emergencies or Manhattan oral surgeons immediately to discuss your oral health emergency or reserve an appointment, visit Doctors Network to find dental emergency services in New York.